Wasting Money

Yahoo posted a news item today about the mega-money — something like $11,000,000.00, that will be awarded the paparazzi photographer who brings in the first pictures of movie stars Brad & Angie’s new twins.

First of all, I don’t give a crap about Brad & Angie and don’t know anyone who does. But obviously there are people out there who do, and I’d like to know why.

In the second place, a picture isn’t worth a thousand words anymore. It isn’t even worth the paper it’s printed on or the screen it’s viewed on. Why? Because there are so many PICTURES around these days. Millions of ’em. And none of them has any value whatsoever unless it is a picture of family members or dear departed pets. Pictures don’t DO anything. They just sit there.

Further, we’ve all seen paparazzi photos. They suck. These people would flunk out of any photography class they took. They shouldn’t be paid for their photos any more than I should (my photos suck too).

Anyway, to the third point: as stated in the previous paragraph, it’s a waste of money. As a society, we seem to waste a lot of money these days, or at least we misdirect most of it. Movie stars, athletes, paparazzi and other useless types earn way more than anyone needs in a lifetime. We’re wasting money drilling for oil when the age of oil is passing away right before our eyes. If you’re a fan of the U.S. news media — Fox News in particular — and because of this are in the dark about the situation the world is actually in at the moment, read this e-mail from the League of Conservation Voters; it may enlighten you:

We’re so deep in a hole, you’d think we’d stop drilling…
Unfortunately not everyone agrees. Big Oil’s allies in Congress are trying to scoop up more land for drilling—including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Later today, President Bush is expected to go so far as to repeal the long-standing executive ban on offshore drilling put in place by his own father.
This is not only an environmental disaster, it will give us zero relief from gas prices and will pad Big Oil’s bottom line. That’s a raw deal.
Every week, we can expect a new, outrageous drilling provision. And we urgently need your support to stop them! Please give today—there will be votes on drilling in the next TWO weeks.
Big Oil’s cronies in Congress are using high gas prices as an excuse for this greedy land grab, and they plan to make this a major campaign issue. Even some of our pro-environment friends in Congress are feeling pressure to support drilling legislation. But renowned oil businessman T. Boone Pickens is publicly broadcasting a different message: “I’ve been an oilman all my life, but this is one emergency we can’t drill our way out of.”
We believe that the facts will triumph over the fear mongering, but we need your support to keep up the fight and deliver our message to Congress:
America simply can’t drill its way out of this problem. Our supply (less than 3% of world oil reserves) can’t possibly keep up with our demand (25% of world oil consumption). A few drops of oil, up to a decade away from making it to market, cannot alleviate our pain at the pump.
There are almost 70 million acres of proven reserves in Big Oil’s possession where absolutely no drilling is taking place. As long as gas prices continue to rise, so does the value of the reserves they’re sitting on.
We need consumer choices, such as plug-in hybrids and other fuel efficient cars—not a greater addiction to oil. Cutting subsidies for Big Oil and giving rebates to consumers would be true short-term relief.
The ban on offshore drilling, which has enjoyed bipartisan support for decades, is in real danger. Both President Bush and Senator John McCain have recently reversed their position and now support this land grab.
Your support today will allow us to conduct valuable polling in battleground states on this issue, lobby key Members of Congress, and place ads to educate consumers that drilling will not provide them with the relief they need.

If that didn’t convince you, you might try reading this:


Back to my blog…Government seems to waste at least 96 cents of every dollar it takes from us. People who work their asses off 8 or more hours a day don’t earn enough to live on. Almost as routinely, people are being driven into precarious financial states by the cost of healthcare. Yet someone is about to to be paid a bundle for snapping a probably blurry, bad, and definitely privacy-violating picture of newborn twins, and no one seems to be any more concerned about that fact than they are about the real issues.

Where’s the outcry? This sort of waste will only change when our voices are heard and our pocketbooks are closed.

Like I said, I don’t give a crap about Brad and Angie. No one should except for their families. Let’s address the energy crisis, healthcare crisis, and the issue of liveable wage for an honest day’s work. After all that is cleared up, maybe a quality baby picture or two wouldn’t be a bad diversion.