We Don’t Need a Hockey Mom as Vice-President. Period.

I keep wondering what it’s going to take to keep the media and the Republican party (and to a lesser extent, the Democrats, who are not as skilled at such things) from confusing the Presidency of the United States with a dandy script for a movie.

This is not Jane Doe Goes to Washington, folks. This is real life. And in real life we have a self-described moose-shooting hockey mom, with no notable qualifications outside of the fact that she has been the governor of a relatively unpopulated state for about 2 years, in line to become Vice-President. Worse, the candidate for President appears to be in questionable health, so this little nonentity could become President at some point.

This is not the time to treat Little Miss Muffet as if she just won an Olympic gold medal in figure skating. This is not fluff. This is very real, and it is very dangerous.

Here is the truth if you can handle it (and if you’re Republican, you probably can’t): Sarah Palin is NOT cute, popular, and/or a plucky little rebel.

Cute? She’s undoubtedly a pretty girl, but bears an unnerving resemblance to something that might be a cross between a motorized Barbie doll and a robot Stepford wife. Her onboard computer is malfunctioning and she can’t even get her scripted responses out straight, but instead keeps running them all together until they make as much sense as a typical Dubya speech. If you like her, undoubtedly if she let loose a major backfire you’d find it cute. If you don’t like her, it’s all kind of horrifying.

Cute? It is not okay for her to be completely inexperienced in response to Barack Obama’s perceived inexperience, or even Hillary Clinton’s (these are subjects the Republicans have been howling about all along; in Clinton’s case, it seemed she would never have enough experience no matter what she did). Or come to think of it, let’s talk about George W. Bush’s inexperience — he came to the White House untouched by Washington except that his daddy had been President before him, and after nearly 8 years in office he still looks vague and confused most of the time. But that’s been barely spoken about. And since the Republicans failed in their whining about the supposed inexperience of the two front-running Democrats, it’s now supposed to be considered cute for Palin to be the Vice Presidential-candidate equivalent of a fetus. But guess what? It is not cute.

Popular? She was instantly declared Little Miss Superstar by the media, but very few people who actually live in the world seem impressed. No self-respecting woman is going to vote for her simply because she has an overused uterus, (there are a few who are grumbling that she really ought to stay at home and take care of her youngest, disabled child), and there are possibly over a thousand people in Alaska who do not like her. I’m basing this last comment on the “unprecedented” numbers who attended an anti-Sarah rally recently, as reported to me by an acquaintance who lives in Alaska. Over a thousand people is quite a number in that state. One has to wonder why nobody has bothered to count how many of the rest of us are bemused, bothered, and just plain offended at having this mediocrity pushed at us as America’s Sweetheart.

But she’s a plucky little rebel, you counter? “A pit bull in lipstick,” as some Republican partisans love to think of her? Fine. Then why not show her the same deference that was shown to Hillary Clinton? I know why not, and the Republicans know why not: Take her out of her element and Palin shows about as much pluck as a chicken.

Truth is, you literally can’t be “conservative” and “a rebel” at the same time, and that may be her problem. But I don’t expect that anyone in the McCain campaign would be able to understand that, since that is also the way they are trying to portray their Presidential candidate.

Think I’m unfairly picking on your latest neocon darling? Too bad. I’m not done yet.

To put it concisely, Sarah Palin is in over her head. And the fact that she was even considered as a Vice Presidential candidate by the McCain camp shows a profound contempt for the American people and for the country itself.

Is that really what anyone wants in Washington right now, when the country is in its worst shape in nearly 80 years? In other words, is that what anyone really wants in Washington after 8 years of George W. Bush?

Honestly, the more I learn about her, the less I understand why I wasn’t chosen to be McCain’s running mate. I mean, I have qualifications too. I once saw Canada across a lake.

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