It’s all over but the Bush

…and where is the grinning idiot? Hiding on Airforce One? Oh, wait, he did that already…

YES THIS IS RELATED: I used to like to listen to the Gatlin Brothers. They were once an immensely-popular trio of singing brothers, led by the beautiful country-pop tenor of the eldest brother, Larry. Until the 1990’s their only problem was that Larry wrote nearly all of their material, and for every one great song he wrote, it often seemed like he wrote at least 200 stinkers. Then, saddled with drug-abuse and other problems (I seem to remember that one of them was that Larry lost his gorgeous voice), they retired from touring. Not surprisingly, their nearly stratospheric fame in the 1970’s had faded badly by the year 2000.

And then they became victims of the Bush.

I recall that sometime in February or March of  2001, the Gatlins, who were/are from Texas, went on television to hold a “prayer vigil” to pray that all those who hated Bush would not so much come to like him as atone for the sin of hatred (a lot of people were, at the time, struggling with the fact that this asshole stole an election; I still haven’t quite recovered from it). Why the Gatlins did not include Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Weiner a.k.a. Savage, etc., in on the atonement thing is a good question, as is why it became so excusable for neocons to hate Clinton with the same incoherent passion with which they loved Bush. However, I digress…

I’m happy to note that in the 8 years since, the Gatlins have almost completely disappeared and nowadays, nearly everybody hates Bush. In fact, the only people who appear not to hate Bush are those who listen daily to the likes of Limbaugh and Weiner. I note that these people tend to carry radios with them wherever they go and play those radios quite loudly. Possibly they are not brainwashed enough and need to keep being reminded. “A day without corrosive anger is like a day without sunshine,” you know. Or maybe it’s just that when you have something that makes as little sense as does the notion that Bush is a good guy, you need to keep being reminded why he’s a good guy. When sense doesn’t make sense, you have to keep making it seem to make sense. Or something like that.

Anyway, by the end of today, we’ll have a view of what life will be like post-Bush.

But not so fast.

In the past eight years, we’ve all become too accustomed to seeing eyes in the Bushes. Just because the chimp is missing in action today, and just because he’s supposed to leave office in January, doesn’t mean he’s gone.

To start with, McCain/Palin still might manage to steal the election. That’s the surest way of Bush staying in office at least another 4 years.

Even if they don’t, Bush could still pull some more mayhem — perhaps enough to declare the election null and void and put us all under the thumb of marshall law “for our own good,” just like all the other shit he has pulled in the last 8 years “for our own good:” ignoring a terrorist threat before 9/11; the color-coded “be afraid, be more afraid, be very afraid” alerts; two wars — one excusable but the other inexplicable; letting New Orleans go to hell after Katrina (or rather, attempting to give New Orleans to Mexico after Katrina, then turning his back on New Orleans when the scheme didn’t work); domestic spying; torture; calling Americans “racist;” ruining the economy; bailing his Wall Street buddies out at the expense of the rest of us…how many things have I missed? Too fucking many to mention. So yes…I do believe that a declaration of marshall law is not totally impossible at this point. Could be that because there are some of us still standing, Bush might decide he’s not done yet.

For instance, there has been some speculation that the bitch dog (a.k.a. Pit Bull Barbie) accidentally let it slip that we are already at war with Iran. I have my doubts about that, because I check the international newspapers. Even if such news were being suppressed in the U.S., I very much doubt Iran would be quiet about it. And the European newspapers, at least, would be bound to report it.

But there may be a grain of truth in her slobber. She of the Confused Facts may have let slip a not-so-distant future plan.

And so I, for one, will not stop holding my breath after we learn the election results today or tomorrow. I will hold my breath until Inauguration Day, because until then, the Bush will still be lurking. Even more frightening, he may still be lurking long thereafter.

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