More Poodle than Pit Bull, but…

Here we go again…

Caroline Kennedy draws criticism after latest tour
Print By MICHAEL GORMLEY, Associated Press Writer – Mon Dec 29, 9:17 pm ET

ALBANY, N.Y. – Caroline Kennedy’s latest trip under the spotlight as a Senate hopeful didn’t get much better reviews than her first. A New York Daily News columnist said “the wheels of the bandwagon are coming off.” New York Post state editor Fred Dicker already put her on his list of 2008 losers. And The New York Times said “she seemed less like a candidate than an idea of one: eloquent but vague, largely undefined and seemingly determined to remain that way.”

Now, apparently, we have the flip side of Sarah Palin: instead of a dumbass backwoods beauty in expensive 3-inch heels jumbling the lines of her ultra-conservative script, we have a deliberately dressed-down blueblooded socialite from a famously liberal political family who appears to have no script at all. The overall impression one gets from this is that she decided one day to say “I’m the daughter of John F. Kennedy, that’s all the qualification I need, so put me in the Senate.”

While it’s not as bad a thing for a Senator to have the qualifications of a goldfish as it is for a Vice President — or worse yet, a President — to be just plain in over his or her head (while having the brains of a goldfish), it does not sound promising.

I have nothing against Caroline Kennedy, by the way; at least my attitude towards her doesn’t need as much readjusting as does my attitude toward Palin. But I can’t have any emnity toward her because I know almost nothing about her except that she’s never held an elected office. And that’s just the point. She needs to be known in some way. I know she has a law degree and some background as a ladies-who-lunch kind of socialite-fundraiser. But other than that she has spent most of her 51 years hiding, and who can blame her?

The question is, is a reclusive socialite with a famous surname ultimately any more qualified for national office than the governor of a sparsely-populated state? Caroline Kennedy strikes me a being a woman with quite a few more porch lights on than has Sarah Palin, but the answer is the same for both: no.

This change-of-life coming out party may prove to be very expensive for the people of New York state. Let’s hope they are wise enough to see the danger of buying themselves a famous name, as opposed to getting a committed public servant to work for them.

I know it’s their business as much as “I’m Not Guilty of Governing” Blagojevich here in Illinois is ours. But if you look at it on a national scale, it’s still a rather scary trend, in its way.