Ford becomes a pillar of rust

Toyota is attempting to build a mass-market, partially solar-powered car.

Ford, meantime, is coming up with an even more muscular version of an old-time, gas-fueled muscle car.

Both are responding to the same automobile-market crash. One response is reassuring. The other is redundant. I don’t think you have any chance of guessing wrong about which is which.

Note to Ford: There’s a good chance that very soon gas-powered muscle cars, vans and SUVs will be as passe as cigarettes, since the recent dip in gas prices is likely not permanent. Even if it is, sooner or later we will run out of gas. And even if it’s a long time before that happens, we can’t afford to use too much of this stuff anymore because it causes the environment to deteriorate. The more people there are in the world (and guess what? we now have more than ever), the less margin for error we have in terms of the environment. Honest. It’s true, even if George Bush says it isn’t because he doesn’t want to believe it while he scrambles to find ways to give Ford money to bail them out for failing to recognize that it is.

Note to all those idiot market analysts who blame Ford’s financial problems solely on its retirees: see previous paragraph. Also look up information on executive perks and salaries, and the credit crunch. Then look up the word “stupid” and find a mirror and look at yourself.

And finally, a note to Toyota: more power to you. It’s reassuring to know someone in business realizes that you actually have to look ahead to keep going forward. If only there were proposed bailouts for such a thing, but no. Those are reserved for rust-brains like those that run Ford.