Karma and Ann Coulter

The ol’ s/he must be real happy today.  A peripheral member of one of Coulter’s many classes of pretend villians, Beverly Eckert, has been killed in a plane crash. Oh the irony of it all.

I seldom say anything quite that nasty, but for God’s sake, Coulter deserves the sentiment. We’ve spent years turning logic, ethics, empathy, and plain old common sense upside down in this country. Creatures like Coulter are the chronic festering scab we have as a result.

Beverly Eckert did nothing wrong, no matter how you try to stretch it. The so-called “Jersey Girls” (a subgroup of 9/11 widows of which she was not a part) did nothing wrong, either.  But Coulter did stretch it, still found nothing wrong, and so made stuff up. True, all that really came across in Coulter’s anti-widow rantings was a sort of wounded, queeny jealousy. But it was ugly, cruel and needless nonetheless — and ultimately, in many people’s minds, the subgroup came to represent the entire group, either positively (after all, any group Coulter hates must be a wonderful bunch of people) or negatively (the Left…baaaad….Coulter….goooood).

The fact is that if you didn’t want to hear what people like Eckert had to say, you didn’t have to listen. Nor do we have to listen to Coulter, but there’s one difference: s/he’s all over the goddamned place, sucking up the attention the media, for some reason, continue to lavish on him/her/it. They absolutely loved it when s/he attacked the 9/11 widows, a group that ultimately included Eckert. Could be they just loved the spectacle of an ass like Coulter being an ass. But the whole affair was about as dignified as the Jerry Springer show, and made about as much sense.

And now, even I am guilty of paying attention to this media bloodsucker. Dang me — I should know by now that the worst thing you can do to a creature like Coulter is ignore it. But sometimes it just goes too far and goes on for too long, and you have to say something. That’s what this blog is about, after all.

So here it is: Beverly Eckert did nothing wrong, and look what happened. First 9/11/2001. Then Ann Coulter passing judgement on some 9/11 widows for DARING to have political opinions and being less than nice about George W. Bush — a judgement that ended up either sainting them all or demonizing them all, depending on your viewpoint. And now, this.

No, darlings, I am not saying Ann Coulter caused the plane crash.  What I am saying is that s/he painted a big red letter on an entire group of people for no good reason — or at least if there was a good reason, I have yet to hear it.  Then again, I have yet to hear a good reason for anything Coulter has written or said.  This person is, as previously mentioned, a P.R. chowhound and little else.

Karma owes Coulter a big one.  In fact, I heard its jaw was wired shut for a time.  Maybe there was a message in that.

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