And they want her dead because….

Before I say anything else, I have to mention that I don’t know who is making the death threats against the “octomom” Nadya Suleman.  I can make guesses that a lot of the threats are coming from bratty kids who think it’s funny.  The rest are probably coming from wingnuts who are vehemently “pro-life,” and probably male. 

Why am I making such an inflammatory guess?  It’s simple: male wingnuts get mad and they want to kill you (right-wing), or they get mad and they try to whine you to death (left-wing).  Female wingnuts are entirely different, but no better; that’s for another post.

Not that I think Ms. Suleman is an admirable person.  Having faced starvation myself fairly recently, I can’t see how a single woman with no income and 6 kids (one disabled) was ever able to even think of having more kids, let alone hire a P.R. firm to defend her poor decision — and probably to find a way to make money off of it as well.  Any mom can tell you that one kid is a 48-hour-a-day job.  Each additional kid adds another 48 hours to the schedule.  If there aren’t enough hours in a day for 1 kid, imagine how it will be for 1 person raising 14 kids who are currently all below the age of reason?  It’s impossible.  Period.

But, whatever.  It’s all beside the point.  What we have is a single woman with 14 kids, 9 of them in the “special needs” category, who are living off the California government, which is currently reeling toward bankruptcy.  So I can see why the California taxpayers might be more than a little upset.  After all, by some estimates it will take anywhere from 3 to 5 million dollars, or more conservatively about 2 million dollars, to raise the brood to maturity — and that’s probably not counting all the extra medical care the optuplets and their disabled sibling will need through the years; certainly the more conservative number does not consider the care the octuplets are receiving right now.  All in all, it was cowardice on her doctor’s part and a crazy decision on Nadya Suleman’s.  She took advantage of the system and now is taking advantage of the taxpayers of California.  That’s wrong.

But death threats?

Who ya gonna kill, Hoss?  Killing Mom doesn’t take all those kids away.  I don’t want to take that thought any further,   because it’s too unthinkable and disgusting.  The point is, there is no point to death threats.  “Pro-life” doesn’t stop at birth, and it also doesn’t stop because Mom did something you don’t agree with (and ultimately will end up paying for).

Is there a workable answer to this situation?  Yes, but probably only in taking Suleman’s kids away for some reason.  Poverty would be a thought, but that’s not a crime.  Bad judgement is not a crime, either, nor is extreme selfishness or being incredibly talented at working the system.  If the last three items were crimes, every banker on Wall Street would be in jail right now.

So the only reasonable answer turns out not to be reasonable.  Fine.  So now what do we do?  Hard to say.  How about hitting the dad up for some cash?  Or how about making the doctor cough up some money?  It’s not adequate, but when Mom’s judgement is impaired, it seems everyone’s is impaired.  Someone’s got to take control; someone’s got to pay.  But not with their life.

Maybe if there had been laws in place that would have overridden Suleman’s idiocy and her doctor’s cowardice, this may not have happened to begin with.  But there weren’t, and it happened.  And everyone has to deal with it, and in this country, we are ill prepared to deal with it.

And so all we have is rage and death threats.  Doesn’t say much for us, does it.

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