The Cornell Shell Game

The economy has fallen apart.  Our healthcare system is a silly but unfunny joke.  We are still being robbed by the same bankers we bailed out.  Reportedly about 13% of the world’s population is starving.  The climate is changing.  Everyone’s depressed. 

Keith Olberman and Ann Coulter are fighting about which Cornell is better. 

Apparently there are two Cornells: a working-class one and an expensive one.  Guess which personality went where.  Oh, fucking joy — at last, something truly funny in the midst of all this sorrow; something  that is not only amusing but also supports my theory that Education Doesn’t Cure Ignorance.  Granted, I’m talking about Coulter, the Bitch of Beltway, more than Olberman.  At least I sense a kindred spirit in Olberman and sometimes cheer what he says.  But for him to waste time on Coulter is a bit like the Republican Party bowing down to the Fat Man.  Well…maybe not that serious.  But you get the idea.

If you don’t, I’ll put it as briefly as I can: Ann Coulter is a waste of time.  I’ve wasted time in this blog on him/her/it, and no doubt will make that mistake again.  But this blog is nothing more than my personal rant.  Sometimes you just have to get “it” out of your system, and if Coulter isn’t “it,” then there is no “it.”

But Olberman has a truly public forum at his disposal and should not waste it doing an imitation of Bill O’Reilly, who is a person incapable of yapping more than 10 minutes without yipping about himself for 8.  Not that O’Reilly would be griping about Coulter so much as kissing its cocktail-dressed ass, or dreaming of doing so.

What Keith Olberman is, is a real world version of the pretend anchor of the Comedy Channel’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart.  And that’s where his value lies.  He should strive hard to remember that, and not get tangled in the equally pretend world of right-wingnut pundits.

Then again, I suppose it’s good for a laugh now and then.

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