You have got to be f*ck*n KIDDING

As you’ve guessed from the title, this post is about AIG.

Come to think of it, however, there is nothing I can say about AIG that hasn’t already been said in the past 48 hours.  So I’ll just leave it at this:

–My congrats to AIG’s executives.  They have given a whole new depth of meaning to the phrase WTF.

–Senator Grassley, before he backtracked on the suggestion that AIG’s execs take a hint from the Japanese and commit suicide, was absolutely right.  Except that the Japanese have backbones, and the AIG execs are nothing but parasitic protozoa.  As far as I know, single-celled parasites don’t commit suicide.  Darn.

–AIG execs never saw a dollar bill they didn’t like, because they wouldn’t know a dollar bill if they saw one.  Unicorns, on the other hand, seem to abound in their heads.

–Note to any AIG exec: No, honey, you are not living in a castle and we are not all living in mud huts within your walls. 

–Another note to any AIG exec: Sweetie, what color is the sky on your planet?

–And yet another: since I brought money into your firm with my taxpayer dollars, do I get a bonus?

–Still more: if you’re “the best and the brightest,” humanity must be devolving.

–Oh, by the way, which would you prefer on a prison name tag: Arrogant Fucktard or Sleezy Bastard?  How about Fucking Stupid?  (This is unlikely to happen, but one can dream.)

I’ll end with the one phrase nearly everyone has uttered when thinking or speaking about AIG execs today: fuck you.  🙂  Get used to it, AIG darlings.  It’s the nicest thing you’ll hear for many months to come.

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