The Godmother

Karen Ignagni is the Voice of Big Health Insurance.  She thinks everything is fine just as it is, and is paid over a million dollars a year (roughly over half the worth of a health insurance policy for one person) to make sure Congress thinks so, too.

Karen will be known as Karen Ignoramous on this blog.  Karen is Part of the Problem.

It seems that in the last several months, we’ve seen Problem after Problem exposed in the U.S.  All of these problems involved a privileged business class of unbelieveably arrogant assholes trying to stick it to the rest of us, often with the government’s blessing (don’t even get me started on Microsoft’s government-paid bridge between campuses; one wonders why they need that, anyway — what they really need is a fucking bridge to India). 

None of these problems is new, but all of them have led us into the situation we’re currently in.  All this in spite of the Fat Man’s insistence that CHANGE is the problem, that nothing has ever been wrong, that the economy is fine, that healthcare doesn’t need to be fixed (he keeps getting Viagra illegally at the snap of a finger, doesn’t he?), and everything would be just dandy if we had a Republican white man in the White House, and blah, blah, blah.  What confounds me is that his listeners — most of whom are not in any better financial condition than are the rest of us — worship his every word and continue to support a system that does not help them, merely out of the fear of change he has instilled in them.  But I digress.  For a change, the Fat Man is not the subject here.

The subject is this: the health insurance industry in this country is nothing better than organized crime, and it’s Karen Ignoramous’s job to be its enforcer.  To put it nicely, Karen is the Godmother of the health insurance industry.  Her job is to make sure that nothing changes.  The trouble with her job is that if nothing needed change, then she wouldn’t have a job.  She only has a job because nearly everything about the health insurance system needs to be changed.

Personally I have taken a dim view of that industry ever since a day about 20 years ago when I received a reject letter from Blue Cross of Illinois.  I had applied for individual health insurance 3 months earlier.  It took them 3 months, but they tangled up a mess of fact-defying, ridiculous, just plain fucking stupid and put it in a letter to me, stating that I was uninsurable except under a state healthcare plan (administered by Blue Cross) that cost roughly 5 times more.  This was, as I said, in spite of the fact that they had ignored more than 9/10’s of my medical records, relying only on speculative remarks my internist had made in my chart to make their decision.  They decided that I had never followed up on any of my “disturbing” symptoms — when in fact I had, and they had been found to be nothing. 

BTW I’d called Blue Cross long before I was rejected and told them about the specialists’ opinions, and they said that they had simply decided not to look at them.  Too bad.

My story is rather mild in comparison to many I’ve heard; the point is, nearly everybody has a story — and that shouldn’t be the case.  Quite like IMG, the health insurance industry is no better than the Mob, and they are bullying the rest of us, and the government has no business listening to them.

But if the government stopped listening to them, poor Karen, that saint, would be out of a job.  Horrors.  One can only hope that karma is real and that one day, Karen finds herself out of a job, unemployable, and unable to secure health insurance.  She deserves nothing better.  So does nearly everybody else in that industry.

For further info on Karen Ignoramous, see this link: The Godmother.


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  2. Thanks. I just couldn’t believe it when I found out about this parasite. Just one more creature we don’t need…

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