Squatters’ Rights (or the lack thereof)

There is a slogan used by the illegal-alien fan club in the U.S.: “human beings are not illegal.”  I have my own slogan: “babies are not anchors.” 

There are, of course, limitations to slogans.  Case in point: neither slogan quite applies to the dilemma of a young girl in Japan who has been raised there by Filippino illegal-immigrant parents (see CNN for story).  Her parents have been caught and are being deported after many years of living in Japan.  The girl has elected to stay behind in Japan, as she would be an alien in her parents’ native country.  She does not speak Tagalog or have any familiarity with Filippino ways.

This is a complex situation, but the first thing I want to mention here is that Japan apparently has no “anchor baby” tradition.  This is a tradition (not a law) that exists in the U.S., and has caused much consternation among the anti-illegal crowd; it grants U.S. citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens and legal immigrants alike. 

Hearing a story such as the one unfolding in Japan proves to me that while the anchor-baby tradition is cruel to children and disruptive to families (as well as being a contributing factor in the U.S.’s illegal-alien problem), it is not the entire cause of illegal immigration — which is what some anti-illegal activists would have you believe.  The little girl involved in this case is not an anchor baby, but she is not Filippino, either.  She is a kid with no country. 

That’s an awful thing to do to a child.  But Japan didn’t do it.  Her parents did.

Yes, you heard me right.  I have sympathy for this girl that knows no bounds, but the problem is not Japan’s, it is her parents’.  What they did to this child is as morally reprehensible as abandonment.

You may argue, as the Catholic Church does, that legal action against illegal aliens tears apart families.  My answer is that laws do nothing if you choose to ignore them, and because of this, it is illegal immigration that tears apart families.  This is a problem worldwide, as illustrated in the case in Japan.  (And please don’t start with that “Jesus was an illegal alien” crap; there weren’t illegal aliens in his day because in his day practically the whole known Euro-Middle-Eastern world was controlled by Rome.  So are you advocating one world government or what?  Duh.)

Very few countries have immigration policies as lax as the U.S.’s, and some countries do far nastier things to their illegal aliens than merely deport them.  If you doubt this, Google “illegal immigrant in Mexico” for an example of what can happen to illegals — and not just in Mexico.

So what do you do with children caught in their parents’ lies like that poor girl in Japan?  I have no answer, because there isn’t one.  You can’t allow squatter’s rights because chaos would ensue, particularly in today’s world.  It’s also a slap in the face to the vast majority of immigrants who do things legally.   And don’t think for a minute that these folks don’t notice, or that they sympathize with the illegals.  Try talking to a legal immigrant about that subject if you don’t believe me.

But obviously shutting borders tight doesn’t eliminate this sort of irresponsibility towards offspring, either.

All this brings to mind a bill currently being discussed in the U.S. that would virtually eliminate the pet industry.  “Huh?” you ask?  Well, read on — because this is related.  It has to do with stupid human tricks that lead to painfully restrictive laws.

The U.S., Canada, and Australia are struggling with similar problems: alien animal species bought as pets or farm animals, who are released into the wild and proceed to kill off the local wildlife and do all other sorts of nasty things.  PETA, an organization I have as much use for as I have for ACORN, would have it that nobody owns a pet (or a farm animal) at all, ever.  Apparently this bill before the U.S. Congress right now would, however inadvertently, pretty much give PETA its way in the attempt to limit abusive breeding practices, inhumane harvesting processes, and idiots who set their pets free.  So of course the wingnuts are in orbit again, accusing PETA of everything from attempting to exercise thought control to having massive, unchecked political might. 

As I hinted, PETA is much like ACORN.  Both are extremist left-wing organizations advocating for something — PETA allegedly for animals, (although most of what they say and do seems to be more about their own neuroses than anything else), and ACORN for illegal aliens, (much at the expense of the rest of us because according to ACORN and its ex-sponsor the Catholic Church, we deserve to pay the bill). 

That is to say PETA is a paper tiger that actually has nothing but over-inflated rhetoric to its credit.  If you’re a wingnut and are not comprehending this, I can’t do much for you because you probably also listen to the Fat Man and do not realize that he is pretty much the same as PETA and ACORN except that he is right wing and actually appears to have a controlling voice in a major political party in the U.S.

Anyway, again we have a situation that is wrong (animals being abused, and alien critters being allowed to roam the countryside, killing and crowding out the natives much like we ourselves did to the natives starting a couple hundred years ago).  And again, we have a one-size-fits-all solution for an outsized problem.  Which is to say, it doesn’t fit.

What does fit is personal responsibility.  For pet owners and farmers, this amounts to education and licensing.   These will, of course, not eliminate the problems with feral critters.  But they may limit the problems, since it’s not the animals’ fault they were released in an alien environment.  It’s the fault of those who released them.

As for the much larger issue of human illegal aliens — again, it’s not fault of the country the aliens are in, or of the children of those who enter a country illegally.  In this case, it’s the illegals’ own fault.  To deny this is to deny personhood to an individual who has chosen that lifestyle.

Some of you are reading this and silently accusing me of being a racist right-winger.  And I ask you, aren’t you actually the racist?  If not, why are the blunders of some people the government’s fault, while the idiocy of others needs to be outlawed, totally outlawed, because it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong and these nasty people need to be punished for doing whatever they’re doing?  Think about it.  This may be a strain, but if you get a headache, for the time being aspirin is still legal as an OTC drug.

And by the way, I’m not a right-winger.  Take another aspirin and don’t call me the morning :-).

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