A Waste of Perfectly Good Tea

I don’t often agree with Paul Krugman, but this time I think he’s hit it right:  Krugman

Okay, maybe he missed one thing: imagine a bunch of people earning less than the threshold of those getting income tax increases ($200,000 annually for individuals; $250,000 annually for joint filers), protesting the proposed income tax increases?  How about the same bunch of people protesting the same tax increases when those increases may actually benefit most of them?  This is what will be happening in the Fox-News orchestrated “tea parties.”  

You will note much of the same logic among those already protesting “socialized medicine,” even though they themselves are likely one health crisis away from going bankrupt.  But that’s for another post.

Odd what will happen when you get an hysterial mob even more hysterical by failing to mention a key bit of information.  Withholding key bits of information like that does have its benefits for the puppeteers, though.  For starters, you may get an actual hysterical mob as opposed to a couple of clueless dolts dangling on their strings, pouting.

Which is to say that the whole thing makes no sense, it’s a waste of tea, it’s a disservice to the notion of actual valid protest, and I’m sorry for even mentioning it.  But Krugman has actually said most  of I wanted to say, better than I could say it.  So feel free to follow the link.

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