Blagojevich and reality.  Ah, such a reality gap.

Every time he steps in the public eye lately, I see the unreality dripping from his every pore.    Think of it:

Impeachment…..Media Tour

Indictment…..Disney World

Arraignment…..Reality Show?

Yep, you read the last one right.  The ex-Gov is now looking to star on a reality show, with Nancy Kerrigan.  You know, the ice skater who got whacked in the knee back in 1994 by the buddies of that other ice skater — you know, the one who was a trailer park queen and has since taken up a career in wrestling.

Oh, how far ice skating has fallen.  But for Blags, such a venture seems pretty much on the level with the rest of his career.  He has no idea how a politician should even appear to behave.  Then again, how does that differentiate him from many members of the Republican Party and their followers, as witnessed in yesterday’s “tea parties?” 

Yikes — more reality gap.  Blags is a Democrat.

Unfortunately for us reality-gap fans, his new venture into “reality” may be met with actual reality.  You see, the show is being shot in Costa Rica, and Blags’ passport has been taken away.  It’s up to a judge to decide whether Blags can debase himself further, even in the pursuit of a paycheck, and at this point whether that will happen is a very iffy prospect.

Oh, by the way…I forgot.  Blags is writing a book, too.  Good thing, because it’s supposed to be a tell-all, which interests me because the ex-Gov keeps insisting that there is nothing to tell because he is innocent.  I’m looking forward to seeing that one get straightened out.

Trouble is, he didn’t get much of an advance for the book.  Boo Hoo. 

And so it’s come to this.  A reality show.  Our public figures, our politicians, our leaders have become something on a level with the guests on Jerry Springer (who, ironically, used to be a politician).

I can’t even say that reality has been turned upside down anymore, because these days, it seems like there is none.  I don’t cry for the politicians, though.  I cry for the rest of us.  But I can’t tell if the tears are out of genuine sadness, or just happen because I am laughing so hard.

Oh, the reality gap of it all.

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