Got News?

Somebody gets charged with killing somebody he contacted on Craigslist.  His fiancee tells reporters that he’s a nice guy.  (What Do You Expect, Part I.)

Somebody allegedly kills a child who was the playmate of her own daughter.  Her relatives tell reporters that she’s a nice gal.  (What Do You Expect, Part II.)

Somebody’s spouse disappears.  It turns out that another spouse of said person has died.  Yet another ex-spouse of said person tells the media that said person is not a nice person.  (What Do You Expect, Part III.)

A  politician accused of corruption leaves a courtroom.  500 reporters shout questions.  The politician says nothing.  (What Do You Expect, Part IV.)

Reporters camp outside of someone’s house for some reason, then report that the person is “in seclusion.”  (What Do You Expect, Part V, with a note: Uh, yeah.  When a bunch of strangers with cameras and microphones are parked outside your house for whatever reason, you usually don’t answer the door — if for no other reason than your neighbors are probably really pissed off about the whole thing and you don’t want one of them coming to the door too.)

Somebody wins a sporting event.  100 reporters shove microphones and cameras in the athlete’s face.  (Most challenging question: “how do you feel?” Most likely answer: “Good.”  Result: What Do You Expect, Part VI.)

Anyone see anything wrong here?  How about this: are reporters wasting time on trivia when they should be looking for actual news stories?

Just wondering.

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