Well, yes. She IS that dumb.

I guess some pretty, glued-together bleach blonde made a big blunder in answering a stupid question at a beauty contest the other night.  And I guess the question had to do with gay marriage.  And I guess she was dumb enough to say, in front of an openly gay judge, that she believes that marriage only occurs between males and females.

I’ll leave aside any argument about gay marriage, except to say that as far as I’m concerned, marriage is a legal institution and not a sacred one.  At least, it usually operates that way in practice.

What I’m concerned with here is stupidity on top of stupidity.  Okay, so the pretty blonde made a stupid blunder by speaking whatever passes for her mind.  At least her opinion was genuine, and in the plastic world of beauty pageants, I support that because it is so rare.

It’s the reaction of the judge that irritates the shit out of me.

I have seen this idiot before, I think.  Isn’t he the one gushing about dresses and the celebrities wearing them while standing before a camera on the red carpet at some awards ceremony or another?  Ah yes.  The guy one wishes would get a life.

Even if he isn’t that particular guy, he’s definitely in that line of work.

Well, this judge turned around and blasted the blonde as a “bitch” on his blog.  Why?  Because she said something about gay marriage that was not nice, and this judge is gay.  He then said that she lost the title because she said what she said.

To which I say, wait a minute, asshole. 

You’ve just given the right-wingnuts ammunition in their current projection campaign.  You know, the one where they try to shout real loud every time their feelings get hurt in the hope that we will forget that not long ago, they were the ones hurting everyone’s feelings without apology — and often by doing the same things they now claim are being done to them.

Plus, a judge at a beauty pageant probably isn’t supposed to be judging what the contestant said, but how she said it.  I believe the judges are supposed to pick the least unintentionally hilarious response as the best.

Plus, it was a beauty pageant, not a summit conference.  The line may seem blurry to someone who makes a living gushing about dresses at awards ceremonies, but it is real nonetheless.

I’ll grant you that the pretty blonde could possibly be on the Republican ticket as the Vice-Presidential hopeful in about 20 years.  Maybe this subject can be brought up again then, along with pictures of her parading down the runway in the swimsuit competition.  Maybe some of this will matter then.

But in the meantime, what she said does not matter.  And neither, dear judge, do you.

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