Ummmm…why no reaction?

Okay, it seems like we’re faced with the first potential flu pandemic since the 1960’s.  There has probably been at least one since then, but I don’t remember the year, although I do remember the Swine Flu Scare that Never Happened some years back.

In a way, the lack of any real reaction from our own government has been reassuring.  Imagine if this had happened during the Bush Administration?  They’d have had us all quarantined and afraid to come out from under our beds, yet at the same time they would have done nothing outside of declare that there was insufficient Tamiflu to go around, and what they did have would be reserved for use on special individuals, such as themselves.

The only thing that’s scaring me, actually, is the same thing: the lack of reaction from our own government.  As of right now there are no travel restrictions between the U.S. and Mexico in spite of the large outbreak in Mexico.  None. 

Of course swine flu is already here, and because of large scale tourism (as well as immigration of various types) to and from Mexico, it’s probably here in a big way.   We should probably be thankful for the Mexican drug wars that have come to the light of the news in the last few months, although they had already been going on for years.  These drug wars have kept even more people from visiting Mexico.

But…no travel restrictions?  Heck, you can’t even go out without a mask in Mexico City, from what I hear.

Is it because it’s Mexico and our government is afraid to make U.S.-based Mexicans angry?  If you’ve read this blog, you already know my reaction to that one.

In my own case, it may already be too late.  I work with the public and have had a virus for the past several days.  I don’t know that it is swine flu — and it probably isn’t.  But I can say that something is out there, and it’s catching like mad.  Any day now, Canada will restrict travel to and from the U.S.

But Mexico is the country with the biggest problem, and the U.S. is the biggest receptacle of Mexican health problems.  And the U.S. is doing nothing, apparently for fear of offending someone.

Kinda tells you where we all stand, doesn’t it.

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