The First Stupid of the Day Award goes to…

I’ll be awarding Stupid of the Day when there are too many examples of “stupid” in one day for me to write about just one subject.  Another indicator that the point of no return has been reached is that when this happens, I generally categorize my posts under every category on this blog except for Uncategorized.  This is one such day. 

And so, since there are more examples of Stupid today than I have time to write about, and as many categories of Stupid as this blog has categories, here are the nominees for the very first Stupid of the Day Award:

1.  Since I wrote my comment on swine flu the other day, the U.S. government has issued a travel warning about Mexico.  Some whack at WHO is saying that travel restrictions do not help much.  Good shot, Sherlock, but they don’t hurt much, either, unless one is more concerned about money than about human beings.  Nominee:  WHO.

2.  The next nominee is the Texas Legislature, which is looking at a bill that would allow students to carry concealed firearms on college campuses.  Why stop there, Hoss?  Why not mandate that each student carry a bowie knife and a bottle of whiskey?  Wild West on Campus!  Wooo HOOOOOO!!!!  Thanks, we all feel much safer now.

3.  Perennial ‘stupid’ nominees Bank of America and Citigroup are now hinting they need more taxpayer dollars.  They’re only lucky that I’ve run out of words to describe how stupid they are, although I do have an analogy for How Arrogant They Are:

How about flying a 747 very low over Manhattan for a “photo shoot?”

4.  Ah, yes.  Just when we thought Bush-era arrogance was safely in our rear-view mirrors, the Obama administration (or the Pentagon; it’s unclear which) pulls something that Bush would have been belligerently proud of while in office, but is now probably snickering up his sleeve about.  Remember 9/11/01?  Who doesn’t?  Well, apparently some asshole in the Pentagon or in the Obama administration thought…no, rather didn’t think.  And so the result was that they flew Air Force One very low over Manhattan, apparently trying to get a shot of it alongside the Statue of Liberty.  And you’d think there weren’t computer programs that could do exactly that without scaring the shit out of everyone.

The only difference between this outburst of arrogance and the regularly scheduled ones of the Bush administration is that Obama hasn’t offered public support for it.  As far as he knows, no one is doing a “heck of a job.”  There has been no back-slapping, faux good ol’ boy “atta-boy!” bravura.  This is comforting, but only somewhat.  After all, the fact that this even happened just goes to show the rest of us how entirely out of touch Washington D.C. has become with the rest of the country, and that this apparently has reached the point where even a fresh new administration can’t help it.  Kinda scary.

And so the Stupid of the Day Award goes to whoever it was in Washington D.C. who came up with the daffy idea of flying a 747 very low over Manhattan!  Take a bow, Stupid!

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