Looks like the Fat Man, Sounds like the Fat Man…

Must be the Fat Man!


Now can anyone help me figure out why people listen to the Fat Man?

And while we’re at it, here a catchy ditty about a closely-related subject:


2 Responses

  1. Great Vid!! Great song!! I’m fwding to all my republican friends… well all of them that still call themselves friends… well to the one that still does. lol. 😀

    It’s always refreshing to spend some time on your blog. I was hoping I could comment on the post about the new crdit card bs law, but it wasn’t setup for it. Here it is: “You’ve definitely hit the nail squarely here. Someone needs to broadcast these points. I will tweet it in a bit and of ans on daily.”

    Thanx again…

    Kevin Sievers

  2. Thanks Kevin! I love your blog too!

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