Oh. Joe.

Someone pointed out to me recently that I’ve never mentioned Joe the Plumber, and that “it can’t be a blog without Joe.”

Okay.  Joe the Plumber.  Now what?

Actually, on a more serious note, there used to be only one thing I could never forgive John McCain for: Sarah Palin.  Now I guess there are two.  Add Joe to the list.

But not really.  I mean, the guy’s simply exercising his right to be a dumbass.  The only thing I can’t forgive McCain for is giving him a public forum in which to do so.  But really, the media — addicted to trivia after being officially forced to ignore reality for 8 years — are the ones who continue to do that.

I guess yesterday or today or whenever Joe said something about never allowing queers near his kids.  So I assume he never lets his kids out the door?  Whatever.  It was not a comment worthy of anyone’s time.  In fact, I can’t find a situation where this person has uttered anything worth wasting time on.  Then again, neither has Ann Coulter, and I’ve wasted way too much time on that.  The Fat Man is another matter, because Republican Party is so scared of him that they may even abandon their rebranding effort.  (BTW what the hell is that all about?  They’re not selling toothpaste.  Or are they?  If they are, I’m sure it’s the mystery-chemicals-plus-flouride type with the warning label that says to call a poison-control center immediately if swallowed.)

Whatever.  I guess it’s a blog now.  I mentioned Joe. 

So….Now what?

Allstate’s Stand?

First, read this (apologies in advance because it’s in PDF format, which I realize that many home computers still do not have): http://www.allstate.com/content/refresh-attachments/FedReg_Tornado.pdf

While I applaud the words, I’m going to have to do further research before I comment on this much.  But for an insurance giant like Allstate to admit to being part of the problem is, on the face of it, extraordinary.

There’s a link to a proposed Insurance Czar bill here: http://www.allstate.com/content/refresh-attachments/Advoc_NICPA.pdf

I couldn’t get through the whole thing without my eyes glazing over, but while I skimmed it, one thing jumped out at me: there didn’t seem to be any mention of health insurance.  I wonder why.  Whatsa matter, Congress, does Karen Ignoramous got your tongue?

If nothing else, I’m sure the Fat Man will be howling with outrage any minute now.  A Federal Insurance Czar?  SOCIALISM!  The system was working just fine the way it was!  No problem!  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, you Nazi!

Imagine that — Allstate has become a nest of socialist Nazi’s!

Ah, that big, fat dumbass.  What would we laugh at without him.

While I can’t wait to hear the inevitable feigned outrage, misdirected anger, and just plain stupid blubbering of Mr. Pro-Elitist, I also can’t wait to see what happens with the re-regulation movement.  It just seems to me that there’s a war going on above our heads and we are all huddled together, powerless to do anything about it.

Allstate admitting that there is a need for “clarity” may be a start.  But I suspect that there is a Karen Ignoramous-like ulterior motive lurking somewhere here, just as there is in the health insurance industry.  We are, after all, living in an age where if a problem’s fat ass gets cut off, it just sprouts two or three new ones.  Liposuction doesn’t seem to work; that fat just won’t go away.

So I can’t help wondering what’s behind the altruistic facade.  I suppose only time and a good investigative blogger or two will tell.