Oh. Joe.

Someone pointed out to me recently that I’ve never mentioned Joe the Plumber, and that “it can’t be a blog without Joe.”

Okay.  Joe the Plumber.  Now what?

Actually, on a more serious note, there used to be only one thing I could never forgive John McCain for: Sarah Palin.  Now I guess there are two.  Add Joe to the list.

But not really.  I mean, the guy’s simply exercising his right to be a dumbass.  The only thing I can’t forgive McCain for is giving him a public forum in which to do so.  But really, the media — addicted to trivia after being officially forced to ignore reality for 8 years — are the ones who continue to do that.

I guess yesterday or today or whenever Joe said something about never allowing queers near his kids.  So I assume he never lets his kids out the door?  Whatever.  It was not a comment worthy of anyone’s time.  In fact, I can’t find a situation where this person has uttered anything worth wasting time on.  Then again, neither has Ann Coulter, and I’ve wasted way too much time on that.  The Fat Man is another matter, because Republican Party is so scared of him that they may even abandon their rebranding effort.  (BTW what the hell is that all about?  They’re not selling toothpaste.  Or are they?  If they are, I’m sure it’s the mystery-chemicals-plus-flouride type with the warning label that says to call a poison-control center immediately if swallowed.)

Whatever.  I guess it’s a blog now.  I mentioned Joe. 

So….Now what?

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  1. Hi,

    Bummer. I guess my non-blog will never grow up and become a real blog, huh? The day I think about even mentioning “whatever his name is” ANYWHERE, will be the day after I’m committed for life to some institution. I don’t see that hap’nen either. 😛

    As for the whole re-branding campaign, I think they’re worried that (at least for now) they need to run as far and as fast as they can from the last 8 years… Especially the last 4… lol. Its been kind of fun watching from the sidelines as they try to jump ship without making it look like they are, right?

    And btw, tell whoever said that to ya to get a life for me, ok?

    Read ya later,

    Kevin Sievers

  2. LOL I’ll tell him with enthusiasm!

    I respect you totally for never mentioning what’s-his-name. I wish I hadn’t. But I got suckered in.

    Do you think the ‘publicans will actually have to change their name? Sometimes I wonder, because there seems to be no other way for them to get away from the shadow of the Bush administration.

    But you’re right…it IS fun watching them squirm.

    • Thank You. I still have great respect for you and your opinions.

      As for the gop and a name change… What could they make it? A friend from high school still calls them the “Gettin’ Over on People” party from the Reagan-Bush daze. We did a short-lived sheet during that time called “Arnold Raygun Lies To YOU” in which we tried to de-gop his b.s.

      The way I see it, as long as Rush Windbag can still run his hole, and thinks he’s their “unofficial” fearless leader (read senseless loud-mouth)… They’ll never have to really change the name. They might in public, but behind closed doors? Not Hap’nen.

      When Specter jumped parties, I kind of saw that as him actually being real enough to just throw it out there for the wolves to slap around and not care what they did or said anymore. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong again…

      I’ll hash out a list of possible new monickers for the gop and get back with ya in a few days, ok? Til then, keep up the good fight.

  3. Thanks looking forward to the new-name list and thanks again for the kind remarks!

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