Open Mouth. Place Foot. No wait, it was already there.

Karen Ignoramous, the gaping mouth of the health insurance industry, has shown her hand.  Or rather her foot, which is always prettily pedicured and in her mouth. 

It turns out that the insurance companies’ answer to the healthcare crisis is simple: mandate that everyone in the country get health insurance, and then offer them government aid if they can’t afford it.  The industry need not change its practices at all except that it will have a slightly harder time sending out reject letters.

That means that you’ll have to pay out of pocket for mandatory health coverage at current rates (or quite possibly much higher rates, since the industry will no longer be able to reject anyone for merely sneezing, and paying the costs of medical help for sneezes is likely to eat up about 2 cents of all that money the industry is paying Karen to be their shill).  The government will likely tie you up in so much red tape that you’ll be lucky to see 5 cents on the dollar on your $600.00 a month premium (per person) — and then only if you earn less than something like $20,000.00 per year (per family).  That’s the way secondary government aid usually works out: it isn’t very helpful.

And of course you’ll only see that at the end of the fiscal year when you’re so broke that you can’t even afford aspirin anymore.  Gee, that will help curb medical bankruptcies.  NOT.

As for the health insurers, it’s not going to be their problem.  They, after all, will be in compliance with the law and getting an ongoing government bailout at the same time.  What could be better?

(An aside to anyone the Fat Man has frightened into believing that “socialist” government healthcare plans would dole out healthcare like crumbs from a table: the private health insurers have already been doing that for years, moron.  This mandated-purchase plan will do nothing to improve that situation and listening to the Fat Man is doing nothing to improve your IQ.)

At least now we know what to fight against, and what its ugly face looks like. But if anyone is still wondering what the flapping jaw of health insurance actually looks like, here’s a photo.  (Actual name: Karen Ignagni. )

And here’s an excellent blog that explains at length why this freak is so dangerous to the rest of us:

The Health Care Blog

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