MSNBC: Defining “Average”

Oh, so MSNBC is now claiming that Obama lost the “average” viewer in his news conference last night.  There seems to be no pause in MSNBC’s rush to try to become the New Fox News…not that we need a new one, because the old one, unfortunately, is still there.

So anyway, what the hell is “average?”   I’m thinking it’s an ultra-conservative evangelical 12-year-old video-game addicted Wall Street banker with an IQ of 60.  Don’t know many of those, if only because I don’t know many 12-year-olds.

Certainly none of MSNBC’s editorial remarks (and it took three writers to make them), illuminated any real problems that Obama, or the rest of us normally intelligent people, must worry about.  But it is annoying that they tried, anyway.

Wanna see for yourself?  Read this:

And oh my goodness, I just realized that MSNBC qualifies for a Stupid of the Day Award.  Take a bow, morons.

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