Look at this petition, circa 2003:  petition.  Particularly pay attention to some of the most recent signatures.  (While you’re at it, also read this, which contains enough really pissy little truths to make just about everyone unhappy.)

Admittedly looking at the situation from 2000 miles away, it’s my opinion that Ahnold has done nothing more while in office than a good imitation of that other B-movie actor who was once governor of California and ended up building quite a myth for himself while in the White House some years later.  And that’s enough to scare me.

You’ve probably guessed the reason I’m venturing into these waters: those who really don’t care about anything but trivia (about 9/10’s of the Republican Party, it seems), having been robbed of their Grey Poupon hissy fit, are now all lathered up about where Barack Obama was born.  Unfortunately their numbers appear to include Lou Dobbs, who once was a hero of mine, but nowadays has floated off  into Crazyland with the rest of the wingnuts.  It’s a shame, because for a while there he was the only one getting the actual truth out about the human cost of illegal immigration and mass immigration.  However, I digress.

The point is that Schwarzenegger really wasn’t born in the U.S., but that seemed not to be a problem before it became apparent that he couldn’t run California any better than your local Democrat.  Barack Obama is doing as good a job of running the U.S. as anyone can do these days, but he’s half-black and not conservative.  Therefore, let’s forget the environment, the economy, healthcare, the wars, and whatever the hell else and start screaming at the top of our lungs that we won’t believe that his birth certificate is legitimate no matter what anyone says.  He’s black and he’s not conservative.  That’s all that matters!

Now, let’s paddle backward for a bit and pretend that Schwarzenegger hadn’t flamed out as Gov.  Let’s pretend that, just like Pit-Bull Barbie, he still believed himself to be a Presidential hopeful (and I sometimes wonder if he still does, given the seeming Republican penchant for trashing governorships and then going on to national office anyway).   The only thing standing in his way would be that nasty little Section I, Article Two of the U.S. Constitution.

I wonder how many of the “birthers” would still be “birthers” if such a situation arose.  And who would call them out on it, loud and clear?  Just a pause for thought there, folks, although there doesn’t seem to be much thought applied to anything these days on that side of the aisle.

P.S. Wait a minute, I forgot one thing: the Immigrant Fans who, contrary to popular legend, exist in droves on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Capitol.  Now, Schwarzenegger is too just-plain-old white for any of this sort to successfully claim that not allowing him to be President is racist (probably wouldn’t stop them from trying, though).  But he is an immigrant.  Doesn’t that just about trump everything else?  After all, the immigrants did build this country, didn’t they?

Oh, I forgot.  That argument would only count if he were illegal.  Actually he’s a big fan of citizenship; word has it that he’s a citizen not only of the U.S., but of Austria as well.  Sorry ’bout that.

(also see this for a little bit of further commentary on Ahnold)


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