The wingnuts are not getting their way, so they are going to kill the rest of us

 Sorry about the ungainly heading.  I couldn’t think of any better way to put it.

Having pretty much failed on their tea-party scheme, the wingnuts have entered a new phase.  See this for details — although the details are being reported wherever you look at the moment. 

Of course, at some level they realize their behavior is uncalled for.  When a wingnut realizes this, a conspiracy theory is born (same as with far-left liberals).  After all, nothing is their fault, not even their own behavior.  I can’t wait to hear what they’ll come up with, but it will be something to the effect that the “left” hired some idiots to go to town hall meetings and scream about a subject they know nothing about — healthcare.  No matter if these allegedly hired hands are merely repeating shit they heard from Fox News and the Fat Man.  Why is this being done?  To make the “right” look bad.  No matter that the “right” is the group putting these odd ideas into people’s heads to start with.  Oh, and don’t forget Sarah Palin, who now is apparently claiming that Obama is going to personally kill her Down-syndrome child/grandchild with his own hands if healthcare reform is enacted.  This is all, of course, about her, regardless of which planet it is that she’s actually from.

There’s only good thing I can see coming of the paid-protester movement, no matter who is paying them — maybe, just maybe, the Fat Man and his type will finally be held responsible for all this right-wing bile.  After all, they are the ones on record actually inciting and supporting the violence (or at this point, threatened violence).  But it will take a lot of actual violence for it to come to that, because after all, the Fat Man and the rest are right-wing whack jobs.  This means that they have more freedom of speech than the rest of us — in fact, that kind demands it at the expense of the rest of us.  They usually don’t get investigated by the FBI quite so quickly as do perceived left-wingers.  I think they’re banking on that. 

Here’s my own note to the wingnuts: if you support the “protesters,” you are supporting Karen Ignagni.  You are not supporting your mom or dad or spouse or brother or sister or neighbor, or anyone else who is just one breath away from a heath crisis and possible bankruptcy.  Just keep that in mind.

Health care cannot continue down the same road it’s been on in the U.S.  It is costing us in terms of jobs and competitiveness.  Even if you don’t care about the human cost, think about that.  It’s a business  cost.  It is something even your favorite saintly Wall Street banker should understand very well…or would if he were actually a good businessman.

I’m afraid if you’re not with us on this one, you’d just better hope that your best asset — your asshole — doesn’t rot.  Your health insurance might not cover it.  That is, if you have heath insurance.