Healthcare reform: okay I’ll try to be civil. Or maybe not.

For the record, no, I do not wholeheartedly support healthcare reform as it currently stands.

One reason for this is that Illinois’ own spineless political puppet, Dick Durbin, is poised to reject the “public option” just to get the bill passed.  The other reason is that Prez Obama has already slopped the pigsty of Big Pharma, guaranteeing them they can still charge Grandpa $10,000 a shot for a certain chemotherapy drug whether he has the money or not. (And if he doesn’t? Oh well.  He can die).  The rest of us can still pay up to $40.00 for a single pill of whatever to manage our health woes, whether we can or not.  That’s what’s happening right now, prior to any healthcare reform, and because of what Obama did it will continue to happen even if there is healthcare reform.

It’s called healthcare rationing, the free market version.  Health insurance companies are famous for it, but most people are less familiar with the pharmaceutical companies’ role.  Be assured that it is a major role, not a walk-on.

Big Pharma’s excuse?  They say they need the money to do research for more and better drugs.  Well, let’s see.  As it presently stands, their allocation of funds for research has actually decreased while their profits have increased; apparently the money is going toward creating designer drugs that dye eyelashes, and toward buying television airtime to promote band-aids for everything from high cholesterol to body aches.  Oh, and most of their research sucks. 

The famous Dr. Weil has recently chimed in and said that the whole problem with the bill is that there is nothing in it that supports wellnessWhat Dr. Weil of all people should know is that modern medicine has never addressed wellness.  It is strictly about an aggressive approach to illness and injury.  We are not looking at an overhaul of philosophy here (any attempt to promote “wellness” is just going incite the wingnuts to riot, anyway; the Fat Man has already been complaining about possibly being deprived or Oreo cookies by those awful liberal food police). 

What we need is an overhaul of access.  Right now, access is limited because affordability is almost nonexistent.  A “public option” may help that somewhat.  Wellness is something we can address once we’re comfortable in the thought that if and when wellness fails, aggressive medicine will be both available and affordable.

Dr. Weil should also be told that the actual problem is that Senator Durbin and other people in his position are obviously having their puppet strings pulled by some hospital group, or Big Pharma, or the insurance industry, or maybe even the salivating wingnuts.  President Obama has not fared much better by caving in to Big Pharma’s money demands, although to his credit he has yet to make Karen Ignagni entirely happy. 

What we seem destined to end up with here is another COBRA.  Remember COBRA?  The bridge between employer heath plans that collapsed into a money pit?

My message to Washington is “don’t do it again.”  We may not be the ones disrupting town hall meetings with incoherent screams and slapping people in the face, nor would we consider it.  But we’re watching you nonetheless.


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