There is no such thing as a jobless recovery

MSNBC posted an article today about how the ecomony is recovering and the recession is expected to end soon.  Then it talked about the jobless who can’t find jobs.  Millions of them.

Particularly it talked about the A-types who live in the Beltway — the types whose former job titles it would take volumes to explain: “federal business development analyst,” “core marketing research management executive,” “senior vice president of international liquidities, Eurasian division,” “business analyst market recruiter specialist,” “analyst of specialist fundamental core targets,” and perhaps even “executive vice president of niche financial product management, Region 4.” 

You know, it’s that kind of bullshit paper-pushing that allegedly requires at least an MBA and a 24-7 wireless hookup in one’s ear and a permanent laptop on one’s lap, mostly likely with PowerPoint burned into the screen.  Those jobs where you probably should have have a cot on your office, and you own a McMansion that you only see for a few hours on Saturdays between business trips and teleconferences and endless, endless in-person meetings.  Maybe, just maybe, you get about 3 days of vacation a year which you spend on your sailboat in Hawaii with a cell phone glued to your ear and/or your Blackberry glued to your hand because you just don’t dare be out of touch with the office, lest your cipher of a job disappear into the endless maze of power plays and office politics while you are gone.  And in the end, on the day you get laid off or fired  (because no one ever makes it to retirement in one of these “jobs”) you can’t explain what the hell it was you did for a living.

What a great life.  We were all supposed to be living these great lives once the actual jobs where people create things all got shipped overseas and you needed at least a bachelor’s degree to work at McDonald’s (unless you were one of the new corporate-sanctioned slave class — illegal aliens).  Remember?  Ah, bliss.

Well, hah hah hah all these new bullshit “jobs” are disappearing now, too, probably never to return — along with actual professional positions such as engineer, attorney and physician.  Pretty soon there will be no reason to get a college degree, because you’ll be in the cellar along with the high-school dropouts, only with a huge student loan to pay back, or a jumbo mortgage on your McMansion, which you have just been forced to vacate.  At least the drop-outs never had even the pretend money to get that stuff in the first place (if in fact they were born and raised, or naturalized in the U.S.; for illegal aliens, it’s another story with the same sad ending).

How did this happen?  How did we transfer from the time-clock prison to the cubicle prison to the wireless prison, and then into oblivion?

Blame it in part on the notion of a “jobless recovery.”  It’s an oxymoron if there ever was one.  There is no recovery if people do not have jobs.  PERIOD.   It does not matter if people do have jobs in China if they still don’t have jobs here and can’t purchase anything made in China because they have no fucking money and can’t even fake having money because there is no credit available.  PERIOD.

Furthermore, People cannot buy overpriced McMansions if they have no credit because they have no jobs and no prospects of getting any job with a pay scale that compares to what they were once earning, and it’s all the more hopeless because there’s no credit available, anyway.  PERIOD.

Let’s make it simple: jobs are central to a healthy economy.  PERIOD.

If you don’t get all that, just answer one simple question: IF THERE ARE NO JOBS, WHAT THE HELL IS IT ABOUT THE ECONOMY THAT’S RECOVERING?

Don’t get it?  You must be a Wall Street banker, or a politician.  Or a journalist.  If you’re one of the rest of us, you recognize the irony.  If you aren’t, then you’re lost.  But let me try to enlighten you: a jobless recovery is like some geezer shouting in a town-hall healthcare reform meeting that the government needs to keep its hands off his Medicare.

Any clearer to you now?  No?  Oh well. 

I just hope Congress’s jobs get shipped overseas, and while they’re at it, Wall Street and all the journalists who report about it as well.   Maybe people like this will get it then.  Dumbasses.

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