Just for fun…

…let’s just imagine that someone would actually put out an arrest warrant for Rupert Murdoch, charging him with inciting a riot. Some of his employees at Fox News have been encouraging the wingnuts to riot, after all, and he has control over their behavior which he apparently has abdicated just for the fun of watching how far the wingnuts will actually go.  Gee, if they kill someone he can get the story first, of course denying he or his news organization ever had anything to do with it.  That’s bullshit, but so what?  Bullshit is what feeds Fox News. 

Plus, Murdoch is a foreign national interfering with the internal affairs of the U.S.  I probably should ask where the birthers are.  Seeing as they cannot distinguish between Hawaii and Kenya (as this applies to the President of the United States), it would be interesting to see if they can distinguish between the U.S. and Australia (seeing as this applies to the owner of Fox News).

Imagine how fast Fox News would change its tune if Murdoch were held responsible for a change?  It’s nothing other than fantasy, of course, but what a delicious one.

(8/26/09 edit: after I wrote this article, I found this one on the Huffington Post.)


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