Smile when you say that, wingnut

Suddenly the wingnuts are saying “Nazi” like it’s a bad thing.

Am I alone in finding it a bit ironic that the wingnuts’ latest pet name for Obama is “Nazi?”

I grew up surrounded by pending wingnuts.  They’re all in full orbit now, and the one thing that grew along with them (or rather, remained stunted along with them) is their fondness for saying things like, ‘Hitler had the right idea.”  Ha ha ha.  You see, they were referring to the Holocaust.  It was supposed to be a joke.  No, I never laughed.

I was under the impression that when the Bush administration did Hitleresque stuff — you know, all that spying and torture and propaganda and various Bill of Rights violations — it was perfectly fine with the wingnuts.  In those days I shrugged and told myself that this was because Hitler was okay with the wingnuts.  After all, he “had the right idea.”

Come to think of it, he didn’t much like black people, either.  Apparently this was another “right idea.”

And now, judging by the number of hits I’ve have on one of my other commentaries, one of the wingnuts’ big heroes (aside from Sarah Palin) is apparently Ahnold of California — that nice citizen of both Austria and the U.S. who once publicly supported Kurt Waldheim.  (Read the link to find out why this may be just a little hard to take if one is truly anti-Nazi.)

Obama, on the other hand, has done nothing like that, and he is half black, but yet now he’s Hitler.  And suddenly that’s bad.

Okay wingnuts, you’ve lost me.  Not that I was ever yours in the first place.

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