What the hell were you screaming at McCain for?

Apparently some wingnut babe who was shrieking without stop at John McCain during a healthcare town hall meeting was escorted out of the meeting, probably shrieking all the way.

Like everything else about the healthcare astroturf crowd, this incident made no sense.  McCain is the de facto leader of the Party of No — the one that opposes heathcare (I should add “reform” to that, but such an addition indicates an assumption that we actually have a viable healthcare system to start with, and we really don’t).

Anyway, for all those who tuned into this blog to read my post about Barney Frank, apparently assuming that I would castigate him for being nasty to that wingnut bimbo who disrupted his town hall meeting (and then, when they read the post, found out otherwise — and also that she was a left wingnut), I present this incident.  To me it only proves the point that if you’re going to scream about something, it helps to study it a bit first — and also, that this sort of behavior is not acceptable in any setting.  Break out the Valium, will yuh?  Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you just say you don’t have insurance, or was it that your insurance company won’t pay for Valium?


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