Maybe that’s why he won’t give up eating junk food or taking illegally obtained pharmaceuticals…

LIMBAUGH: But nobody has the right to good health. Nobody has the right to good health. I mean, it’s — we live and there’s so many misconceptions this whole thing. Health care’s a right, government or employers should provide it. There would be a revolt if the employers of this country just decided, “You know, we’re not going to provide it anymore.” And that will be the case when Obama gets his public option.

(source: Media Matters)

My note: Dumbass fails to explain why a “revolt” by employers would be a bad thing, especially since a lot of employers have already “revolted” by not providing health coverage for their employees at all because they can’t afford it — and also because it’s becoming increasingly difficult for U.S. Americans to become and stay employed in their own country.


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