Real-life Death Panels

Found this interesting article on Sarah Palin Truth Squad.

Don’t think it’s only happening in California, either.  Fact is, as mentioned here on Civilization Rant before, death panels are real, they do exist, and they exist because our healthcare in the U.S. is treated as a for-profit commodity even when it’s administered by supposedly nonprofit organizations. 

By the way, I used to work for one of those alleged nonprofits, and can tell you a bit about the creative bookkeeping that is used by this type of healthcare provider.  They are always at risk of losing their nonprofit status and spend lots of time and a fair amount of money trying to figure out ways to hide what they actually are, which is good old-fashioned for-profit corporations.

Further, they are corporations that have entire departments devoted to finding reasons to deny coverage (insurance companies) and sometimes even care (hospitals and other direct providers).

Clearly this is one sector where a government take-over might help, if only because the government is so lousy at keeping secrets that if there were any government death panels, we’d surely find out about them immediately.  And there’s no “death panel” provision in the healthcare overhaul bill, anyway.  That’s something Sarah Palin invented out of direct experience in Alaska, remember?

Federal governmental intervention in healthcare certainly can’t hurt.  And it might keep some people alive.  Gosh.  How awful is fascism.

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