What if they threw a fit and nobody cared?

Now we know.

Obama gave his speech to the school kids today and only a few people were surprised that it was entirely nonpolitical.  Those were the ones who kept their kids out of school, and/or forced their school districts not to show the speech to the kids.  I’m told that a school district in one of the Virginias banned Obama’s speech but is bussing their kids somewhere to hear George Bush speak sometime this month.  George Bush.  Mr. “C” Student who bumbled into the Presidency, and then through it, and then left the country in a shambles with a convenient target — a biracial Democratic President — to take the blame.

Ah to be a sodden silver spoon.  Ol’ George was certainly born with one of those up his nose, to be sure.  Maybe he can inspire the kiddies with a rousing speech about dumb luck.

But anyway, outside of a few isolated cases of resounding stupidity like that, this latest manufactured outrage was a bust.  No big surprise that even the most blinkered Republicans are coming out in favor or what Obama said to the kids.  He kinda forced them to do it, that communistic fascist Nazi.  After all, even though their hero Ronald Reagan made it officially okay to be stupid in America, almost 30 years later it’s probably still politically unwise for a politician to come out against education and staying in school — and that’s in spite of the fact that we’re continually told how badly our kids are being educated at the same time that much of the rest of the world’s kids pile into the U.S. to be educated because the schools in their supposedly superior educational systems are apparently worse.

Yes, it is confusing.  But the upshot is this: celebrating stupidity and viewing education as a threat (or rather, viewing virtually everything as a threat) gets us nowhere.  That part is so obvious that even Newt Gingrich can’t jabber and sloganeer his way around it.

The thing I want to see, that I know I won’t, is some embarrassment on that side.  Ah well.  Embarrassment indicates a sort of self-awareness and even intelligence, after all, and that’s not what we’re dealing with here.

It’s probably enough that Obama was allowed to give the speech without a certain news network pronouncing it a dismal failure 20 minutes in advance, and/or misrepresenting it as a political speech (I don’t know that they didn’t, but I haven’t heard about it if they did).  It’s a small victory.  But we’ll take anything we can get.

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