Onward, Christian Bee-atch

No topic du jour this time; I’m just musing about something that has bothered me for years.

Where I work there are three loudly Christian women.  All three are bullies, especially toward other women, and each of these creatures seems to think she herself is above reproach and never makes a mistake (or at least if they do, they never admit it).  Each of them has been caught lying about a non-Christian co-worker to get the co-worker in trouble.  Each of them continued with the behavior anyway.  All of them are vain, childish, cliquish, petty, gossipy, petulant, cowardly, and self-centered to excess.  And even when they have been caught in their worst behavior, none of them can stop babbling about Jesus.  They are forgiven, you see, so anything goes.

Nobody really likes any of them, yet they seem oblivious to the feelings of others and the effects of their own actions.  In spite of this obliviousness, they seem to think everyone wants to know about their business.  Definitely they want to know everything about everyone else’s, and so I get a charge out of feeding them really insane (and never factual) stories about myself and seeing how far it gets, and how much laughter it provokes, before it gets back to me and I totally deny it, usually adding a “WTF” before I finally tell the truth, along with the truth about how the story got out.  (Try this sometime with a Christian bitch.  It’s great fun.)

At least one of the three has a personal life that is in a constant uproar.  This is another trait I’ve noticed in a lot of devout Christian women — they not only can’t control themselves, but their kids are crazy and their husbands are usually either drunk or cheating (that is, if they are not totally henpecked into submission).

Yes, extremist Christian men (who comprise most of the male seed-saver set), as well as men and women of other faiths have obnoxious tendencies that seem to be pretty uniform.  But this is a short article, and also, this is the subject that I have literally come face to face with the most.

And now, looking at Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and others, I realize that this phenomenon has long since spilled over into the political arena.  In fact, many of these insanely Christian women pretty routinely work outside the home, some of them in high-powered jobs.  Don’t they know they are supposed to stay home and bake brownies?

Ah, I guess not.  God hasn’t directed them that way; he has other plans for their lives.  That’s always the convenient dodge.

I have a friend who told me that when she hears that reasoning, she always smiles and tells the person who is allegedly waiting for direction from the deity “Call me back when you make up your mind.” 

There have been fictional books that illustrated this particular brand of Christian bitch behavior: Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin, and The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (in the person of Queen Gwenhwyfar).  So it’s far from just me who’s noticed it, and it apparently makes a great plotline as well.

The question is, why?  Christianity has traditionally been abusive toward women.  It was not that way at the start, and goodness knows there are pockets of sanity here and there.  But the women I’m talking about tend towards the most extreme, misogynistic forms of the religion.

What causes the women to embrace it to abuse others?  Do they embrace it because they themselves are abused and want the whole world as victims?  There are no simple answers.  And so this will remain just a simple episode of musing on a warm, lazy afternoon.

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