Ignorance is positively hilarious

Today Glenn Beck’s Republicans apparently managed to gather almost all of the mobile dummies in the U.S. and put them together for a “9/12 March on Washington” to protest government spending that had been going on for the better part of a decade under a Republican administration.  (Kudos to Bill Maher for wondering out loud how many of them ended up in Washington state by mistake.)

Thing is, many of these folks apparently didn’t notice that the increase in the size of the federal government didn’t just happen in the last 8 months.  As indicated, much of it happened in the last EIGHT YEARS.

See this NPR report.  I especially love the photo of the fatass carrying the sign saying “Obamacare keep your hands off my body.”  Yep.  Tell that to the anti-abortion crowd, too (after all, they have already managed to mandate governmental interference in conversations between women and doctors), and we’ll call it even except for one thing: no one ever talked about putting their hands on your body except for the Bush administration, who wanted us all fingerprinted and DNA ID’d.  I’m sure the present administration would find the idea as repulsive as you do. 

Here’s my favorite quote of all from the article (later edit- this seems to have been taken out of the article, but trust me — it was in there because I cut and pasted it from there to here):

Norman Kennedy, 64, of Charleston, S.C., said he wants to send a message to federal lawmakers that America is “deeply in debt.” He said though he’d like everyone to have free health care, he said there’s no money to pay for it.


And that’s the problem with this astroturf rally: they have no idea what it is they are protesting.  Further, whatever did happen in the way of excessive government growth and spending happened, as I just said, during the Bush administration. 

The only thing I have to say to the Fox (lack of) News-drugged astroturf is this: Did you really think all that domestic spying and those two wars were free?  Probably best to contemplate that while you’re trying to figure out how to pay your medical bills after your insurance company has just dropped you, love.

Oh, you just said you couldn’t get insurance to start with?  Thanks for the laugh.  Now digest this: this is all “healthcare reform” was ever about.  It was never about free healthcare, nazi’s, socialism, or black men touching fatass white women’s bodies.

Seriously — and back to addressing those who can read —  I find that on the rare occasion when I can capture the attention of a salivating wingnut and tell them what healthcare reform is really about, they generally end up agreeing with me and wondering what all the right-wing fuss is about.

Those situations are, unfortunately, rare.  And as long as we have Fox News pumping caustic misinformation into the nervous systems of dummies like those of today’s 9/12 march, we will never get very far with reform.  They are, after all, louder than the rest of us, even if there are more of us than there are of them.

And so all we can do, I guess, is laugh at them while we are crying for everyone else.  They may be funny, but in the end, they are harming us.

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