Well yes. He IS a jackass.

I guess Obama got caught calling a…what is this guy, a singer?  Whatever.  He called the guy a jackass because the guy nabbed some girl’s MTV award, or whatever the hell it was, right on the stage in front of everyone and started fussing about…something.

As you can tell, I’m out of touch with the current music industry, and am likely to remain so for the rest of my life.  It just doesn’t interest me; hasn’t since the Grammys turned into a fashion show, which was much longer ago than you’d probably guess.  Music awards never reward anything other than sales, after all, so you may as well look good — or at least, acceptably strange — while accepting your salesmanship prize.

Which is to say that I’m disappointed that Obama chose to address this matter at all.  It’s beneath him.  He should leave all that starry stuff to the Republicans, who are deeply concerned about such things.

The only reason I’m commenting on this is that it makes for an interesting dilemma for the right wingnuts: Obama, the Nazi-communist-fascist-Kenyan-Moslem, called another black man a “jackass.”

If he called a white country singer a “jackass,” oooooooohhhhh boy he could resign right now — even if that white country singer had, say, disrupted the Grand Ole Opry with a machine gun just to display his right to bear arms.  But it wasn’t that.  It was a black guy who sings pop. 

I can’t wait to see their angle on this one.  I mean, they can’t agree with him, can they?  Can’t exactly call for him to be censured, either.  But they can’t act like they don’t care, because — after all — celebrities are a very real and vital part of their existence, like unicorns.

Maybe this confused silence thus far is a good thing.  But I doubt it.

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