Bill Moyers on Dick Armey

It seems like every day I wake up and find out about yet another right-wing operative who opposes healthcare while receiving it himself, often at taxpayers’ expense.  See this Bill Moyers commentary.

On the positive side, I didn’t want to be asked to believe that Glenn Beck and Fox News were solely responsible for even the mere 70,000 or so blinkered idiots who all somehow managed to find Washington D.C. at the same time a few weeks back.  I’m glad to know my hunch was right, even if yet another right-wing poltergeist sprung up out of the sewer as the revelation was made.

Right-wingers will hit this blog, as they often do, while searching for a comforting dismissal of Bill Moyers’ latest “rant;” here’s hoping they will be sorely disappointed.  They deserve nothing better.  They are now our enemies, forcing the wedge of their loudly shouted, wildly irrational fears between the rest of the nation and any hope for progress.  

Most left-wingers (save a few left wingnuts) and moderates, on the other hand, are busy blogging about their own disbelief at the madness we are witnessing — too busy, it seems, to stand together and fight in any visible fashion. 

It is starting to look as if the “Billionaires for Wealthcare” are the only ones getting the message out the way it needs to get out: with humor, but also with urgency — and a bullhorn or two.  (Edit: some other folks are now picking up on the “Billionaires'” tactics; see this video.)  It seems like it is now up to them and also up to a few sane, measured media figures like Moyers and Maddow, as well as a few more openly passionate ones like Olbermann and even the pretend-anchor Jon Stewart, to try to get the message across that improving access to healthcare won’t kill anyone.

Outing the rabble-rousers and out-shouting the shouters, using their own rhetoric to ridicule them, is almost too easy.  But it’s all we can do.  Let’s just hope it’s enough.

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