Paul Krugman and Depression Economics

Not much of a post here, just a link to an interview done by Rachel Maddow

It starts out talking about Palin.  Of course someone held their camera-phone up during her speech in China.  And I’m glad they did, because it puts to rest any rumors that she did a good job (I am, in fact, thoroughly irritated that this bitch called herself a representative of “Main Street,” and that’s not even the major problem with what she said). 

She seems completely out to lunch until she comes to the subject of bank deregulation.  Then, she might be making sense by some stretch of the imagination — especially if you are a banker and she’s saying what you want to hear.

But in this interview you hear the other side of the story, the one that makes sense even after you strip away the gosh-gee-golly-wow and the god-awful “folksy” intonations. (which aren’t exactly Krugman’s forte, anyway; I’m talking about what happens when you strip Palin’s ideas on the subject of economics of her squeaky-cutsey act and beehive hairdo). 

Krugman’s view is not pretty or reassuring; it is depressing– especially if you are a banker or big-time investor.  But it is the truth.  And that is just one of many things Sarah Palin knows very little about.

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