Free to be indoctrinated (by the right)

I dropped in at an elderly relative’s house just long enough to hear about 5 minutes of the Michael Medved show today.  It was enough.

Apparently Medved is all for no separation between church and state.  He gets riled if the Constitution is followed and the two are separated.  Then, he claims, not HIS Constitutional rights, but the rights of KIDS IN COLLEGE (YIKES those poor CHILDREN) are being violated.

I don’t even give this the Stupid of the Day award.  I give this the What the Fuck award.  If you want your college-age kids indoctrinated, there are plenty of church-related colleges to send them to.  If you just want them educated, you send them to non-church-related colleges.  That’s called “freedom of religion.”

I refuse to post the name of the organization he promotes that “works to protect our freedom” by, apparently, keeping any mention of Barack Obama out of our schools, and also by promoting use of the Bible as a textbook in say, science classes.

Or how about having church interfere with your medical affairs?  Women have that dubious privilege already.  Medved thinks we need more of that kind of freedom of intervention — but apparently, only if the Right is doing the intervening and you have to pay a hefty insurance premium to access medical care at all — that is, if you can get insurance.

Freedom of thought is not what Medved wants.  Apparently what he wants is what his show seems to support (judging by the 5 minutes I heard, plus a brief visit to his website): freedom from thought.

Oh, so he’s just another right-wing flapping jaw, you say?  Why is this blogger getting so bent out of shape?  Well, let me tell you: it’s because activities like Medved’s are irresponsible and they are not without harm.

There is a growing movement in this country that is demanding that right-wing broadcasters be subjected to the same sort of FCC scrutiny that, I can tell you from personal experience, we used to get at a small radio station I once worked at.  This was way back in the 1970’s, a bit before the radio airwaves were completely taken over by corporations.  Back in those last days of independence, all FM-radio rock stations were suspected of promoting drugs and lawlessness.  Mostly drugs.  This was at the tail end of the hippie culture, after all.

Honestly we never could have gotten away with any kind of anti-government rhetoric at all, not that we tried.   Hell, we would get threatening phone calls from the FCC if we so much as missed a time check. 

These right-wing broadcasters, on the other hand, are making far more serious violations against their govenment and fellow citizens every day lately.  At the very least, they sputter nonsense like Medved’s, and the nonsense goes unapologized for, unquestioned, and uncorrected.  At the worst, they promote violence.

Okay, FCC, why the silence?  That’s what this movement is asking, especially since one of the major ringleaders of right-wing media in the U.S. is actually from Australia.

Don’t think you’ve heard the last of this, kiddos, because I’ve only just begun.  And if you still doubt what I’m saying, see this.

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