What’s the difference between a breach of decorum and the truth?

Answer: there is none if you are a Republican and the truth is threatening to you.  Before I go further, I send this Bravo! to Representative Alan Grayson, D-FL.  What for?  This.

I’m not surprised that the Republicans are calling for a reprimand, since at this point they seem to have no idea what planet they are on, let alone how to act.  That they can’t tell the difference between yelling “you lie!” at a President during a speech and merely telling fellow Congressmen a blunt truth about themselves is no shock to me.

But here are some facts:

(1) Rep. Grayson did not breach decorum during a Presidential address.  Rep. Wilson did.

(2) The Republicans are rude all the time, no matter where they are, Congress or elsewhere.  (If not, where are the numerous apologies Michelle Bachmann owes the Democrats and most of the rest of us as well?  Of course, the difference is that there is no truth in anything she says — is that what makes it okay?  So should we conclude that you can say whatever you want to whomever you want whenever you want, as long as it isn’t true?)

(3) The saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” and the fact is that Congress is not a very polite place on days when the President isn’t there — which is most of the time.

(4) Another fact: if you support the status quo on healthcare in the U.S., then you support exactly what Rep. Grayson said: you’d better die fast before the bills pile up, because your insurance company may only pay a small portion of them, or it may decide not to pay at all, or you may not have insurance to begin with.

(5) Death panels, anyone?  Where’s the apology for that? Oh, excuse me…I forgot that you don’t need to apologize for it if it isn’t true (or in this case, if it might backfire by revealing something that’s actually true about the person who is saying it; in this case one Ms. Palin).

Again, hat’s off to Rep. Grayson for using the Republicans’ own tactics on them.  My advice to him is not to back down until they do — which is to say, keep up the fight, even if it takes forever.

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