A must-watch for anyone who has NOT pre-ordered Palin’s book (and likely won’t even read it when it’s on the bargain shelf):

Bill Moyers

Just a further thought on this book:  there has been some rumbling about a “Republican book-buying machine,” or probably more accurately, a “Fox News book-buying machine” that automatically turns the scribblings of any Fox-approved right-wing flapping jaw into a blockbuster best-seller.  If this is not true, then it must be true that untold millions are just nearly expiring for want of Palin’s book.

All I can say is, something’s wrong with the latter scenario.  Not that many people read these days, and judging from the mentality of the more extreme right-wingnuts I’ve met, they are the least likely of all to pick up any book that isn’t the Bible unless they want to ban it or burn it.

There simply can’t be that many of this sort who are so entirely delusional that they’d want to read some 90 pages of word salad from Ms. Scatternoun herself.  Look at the pictures, maybe.  But read?

Think about it, and I believe you may come to the same conclusion.  Something’s really iffy here — and it just may be that somewhere there’s a giant warehouse stocked with books that were bought, but never actually sold.