A bitter pill in the healthcare crisis

In the huge argument about healthcare in the U.S., a large part of the problem is going virtually unnoticed. The problem is the behavior and marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry — which, in its own way, interferes with your relationship with your doctor (not to mention with your wallet) as much as do the insurance companies.

The “left wing” side of the argument tends to ignore this while concentrating solely on the insurance companies (who are, admittedly, horrid enough in their own right); the “right wing” side probably isn’t even aware because it’s woefully financially inconvenient for Fox News and all those right-wing radio slackjaws to say anything about it, which results in their viewers and listeners being uninformed as well as routinely misinformed.

My own attitude, which I expressed to a local columnist years back, is that drug companies have as much right to market prescription drugs directly to consumers as candy companies have to sell sugar-laden junk directly to kids.  He agreed with me, but I guess the time wasn’t right to make an issue of it.

It is now.

The following link is from the pop-doc Dr. Mercola, with whom I have issues because he’s a far-right-wing creationist, among other things. But having worked in the healthcare industry, I know that what he’s saying here is dead on the mark. (Yes, it’s possible to be a creationist and still be right about something else.)

So here it is. Read it and be informed.

Is YOUR Doctor Saying No to the Drug Company’s  Free Lunch Deception Campaign?

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And here is my own previous commentary on this subject: I’ll Try to be Civil.  Or Maybe Not.

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