Neither Dark Cloud nor Silver Lining

Just an observation about the out-of-the-blue Nobel Peace Prize award to Obama: I was not surprised that the same people who last week were trying to pin the U.S.’s loss of the Olympics on him are now trying to either pooh-pah the Nobel prize or the fact that Obama won it.  I mean, what a career: Obama’s gone from being a loser (yay!) to winning one of the most cherished prizes in humanity in one week (boo!).  But I guess there’s a common thread: both the alleged rejection of Obama, which actually had nothing to do with Obama, and this prize, which had everything to do with at least some aspects of the man, involve the international community.  Therefore, the wingnuts hate Obama and hate the Olympics and hate the Nobel Prize.  And they hate the U.S. too.  Roll all that into one big bundle of hate and listen to the crap spew out.

And we will hear it , as usual, from the usual gang of mentally-disturbed right-wing flapping jaws: Limbaugh, Weiner, O’Reilly, Beck, as well as various hard-line GOP politicians and the rest of the goon squad.  The ones that haven’t weighed in yet will; trust me.  The only thing that’s hard to guess is just how insanely far their rhetoric will go.

What does surprise me is that nearly all facets of the legitimate news media are also peering high and low for the big dark cloud behind that silver lining.  Somebody even asked some hoo-hah from the Taliban what he thought, for crying out loud.  Of course the answer was not positive — is that news, or is that what this media outlet was looking for?  I think it’s the latter.

As for me, I was a surprised to hear about this award as anyone, but I’m not looking for any dark cloud.  Rather, I’m seeking a reason.

I don’t think Obama has earned it — yet.  But I do think that if the media just leave him alone for a bit, he may actually accomplish something worthwhile, quite unlike George Bush, who needed to be watched like an infant lest he destroy something.  Well he did.  Look at the nation, at the world: Obama did not do this to us.  Bush did.

Maybe that’s why Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize so prematurely — to point out that he did not lose the U.S. the Olympics, much less create the mess this country is in.  I’ll have to think about it for a while, but it sounds plausible.

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