P.S. to the wingnuts

…if you didn’t enjoy the previous post (The High Price of Hysteria), you’ll hate this.

Not that there’s an actual danger of insurrection from most of you, but it may be illuminating to consider that the enhanced tools for crushing any such idea were not provided by Obama, but a certain George W. Bush.  (To make it simple: if you get in trouble, it’s really not Obama’s fault.)

Read it and be confused, darlings.

The High Price of Hysteria

According to this, the teabaggers have now turned on the Republican Party and are vowing to take over.  (So what does that make it?  The Tea-Party Party?)

They claim to be upset that the Constitution is, you know, like threatened or something.  Interesting, since most of the teabagger set I’ve met can’t quote much more from the Constitution than one or two parts of the Bill or Rights.  In fact, most of them know the first part of the sentence about guns and that’s it.  Yep, they have heard about the Free Speech part, but they’re not sure they like it.  And that Freedom of Religion thing…well, that’s okay as long as you don’t start talking about Separation of Church and State, you Marxist socialist Nazi commie pinko you.

The rest of what they seem to be upset about is even more nebulous: stuff about taxes that don’t exist, “socialism” —  a term which the vast majority of teabaggers cannot define, and Nazi’s that aren’t there except among the teabaggers themselves.  Oh, and I forgot the Commies, who aren’t anywhere anymore.   Which brings us back to the subject of taxes.

What is their impetus?  Love of country, allegedly.  Kind of reminds me of the saying, “I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand.”  Love of country, eh?  Which one?  The U.S. these people claim to love is one I am not familiar with, and never have been.

A lot of things come to mind about this supposed insurrection.  “Bite the hand that feeds you,” is one.  “Bite me” is another. 

But the overriding feeling is that this news may be fake.  I, for one, haven’t been able to tell the difference between the Republican Party and the teabaggers for a long time now.  So could this be yet another invented controversy, kind of like a professional wrestling match?  Very possibly.  (A give-away seems to be the suggestion in the linked article that the tea-baggers actually might support some Democrats. Yeah.  Right.)

Why would they do this?  To bully everyone into line.  Fox New’s line.  Then Fox can create a revolution and report about it while denying they had anything to do with it, which is what I suspect they’ve been trying to do since last November.  Ratings, you know.  Fox was widely discredited after the election (after all, they failed to install Wingnut Barbie into the almost-Presidency), and in danger of becoming passe.  This, I suspect, is their attempt to keep the blinkered idiots who still watch them from finding out how beside the point Fox really is (not that they ever would, because they’re too stupid), while getting more people to watch their network out of sheer amazement at how far they will go.

If that’s the case, Fox knows less about the world outside of Murdoch’s inflated noodle than even I had previously suspected. 

However, the teabaggers are real, even if this threatened Republican-Party takeover isn’t.  I suspect a lot of them are cowards (certainly they are all morons), but even cowards can be very dangerous.  This is because nothing is scarier than a terrified moron with a gun.  Especially if s/he has been shown how to pull the trigger.

It’s one thing to walk up to a gun-toting teabagger and say, “put that thing down before you hurt yourself;” it’s quite another when one of them, driven to the edge by numerous fears placed in the ol’ noggin by Fox and the right-wing-crazy flapjaws, actually goes out in public and does something unspeakable.

It’s happened already.  And I’m afraid it may happen again if all this fear-mongering isn’t brought under control.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, it won’t be brought under control without a violation of the Bill of Rights which the wingnuts will perceive as yet another threat.  But there is such a thing as unprotected speech, and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.