Karen Ignoramous Gets Her B*%@h Out

I once said that Karen Ignoramous’s foot was always prettily pedicured and in her mouth (see this, and remember it could happen to you). 

Now I have proof.  The health insurance industry, which Ignoramous so aptly represents behind closed doors in Congressmen’s offices, does not enjoy one bit of trust from the public.  But yet it is going ahead and spending millions on ads trying to scare seniors with “possible implications” of healthcare reform, and I’m afraid it will find an audience amongst those seniors who are more afraid of the black man in the White House than they are of an insurance industry that, if allowed, could and would drive them bankrupt without batting an eyelash. 

Me to the seniors: the health insurers are lying to you.  There is no more need to trust them about this than there has been about anything else.  Turn off your TV set and read a book or take a walk or something if you think you’ll get scared. 

Yes, Karen is pretty scary to look at, but that’s not the point here.  She won’t be in the ads.  The one good thing about her job is that it keeps her pretty much out of a place where we have to look at her.  That would be enough to make us all sick.  No, instead she sneaks around in the hallways of Congress, looking, I imagine, like the Grim Reaper — which is actually quite accurate.

But the point is that she knows the targets to pick for her propaganda, just like Fox News does.  And seniors, she’s picked you.  Don’t fall for it.  If you do, and you get all upset and side with the anti-healthcare crowd, the politicians will be afraid to send Karen packing, and all we’ll get will be more of the same crap that we’ve had for decades.

What’s more of the same?  Get this: the health insurance industry is threatening to raise premiums sky-high if health-insurance reform is passed — not that the premiums are affordable as it is, and also were already rising out of control for years before this threat was made this week.

In short, the health insurance industry is threatening the American public.

And I say, let them.  Why?  Because raising their premiums even faster than they already have been doing will quickly put them out of business and out of the picture.  And it will prove the need for a national health insurance plan.  After all, treating healthcare as a for-profit business is what got us into this mess in the first place.  Any abrupt, enormous raise in health insurance premiums will just stress that point.

Like I said, Karen Ignoramous is a stupid bitch who was bound to overplay her hand sooner or later, and now she’s done it.  She’s a bully; she can’t help herself.  Bitch, bully and stupid go together — and don’t think that “stupid” might keep her from pulling this feat off, because the fact is that in this society the combo of bitch, bully and stupid can carry a girl pretty far (I know; I used to work for one; she’s still there and I’m not). 

That’s possibly the harshest thing I’ve ever said about anyone on this blog (except for Palin and Blagojevich, who hardly count), but I’m going to let it stand because Ignoramous deserves it.  She ought to be ashamed of herself, but I suspect she lacks the capacity.

The fact is, she is a perfect representative of the the industry that pays her megabucks to bully us.  And I’ve personally had enough of bullies running around wasting all that premium money not on healthcare, but on a creature like Karen Ignagni.  I’ve already said once that if health insurance (and the pharmaceutical industry) in this country were not woefully in need of reform, this thing called Ignagni would not have a job.  The fact that they’re now also wasting your premiums on ads to scare seniors just increases the outrage aspect.

Again, don’t fall for it.  Let this stupid, bullying bitch put herself and her kind out of business.

Here’s a brilliant commentary on the health insurance industry and what gave them the audacity to threaten us all.  (Hint: it wasn’t clear thinking.)