Note to the White House: Don’t Feed the Trolls

Not going to say much about this, but if I spoke to someone in the White House, I’d tell them that the banter between the White House and Fox News

(1) makes Fox News look as if they deserve an answer

(2) is a waste of time for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the widespread martyr syndrome among the wingnuts who watch Fox News.  The more you “pick on” Fox, the more convinced the wingnuts will be that you are “picking on” Fox.  They won’t hear anything else you say, no matter how true it is, and

(3) it’s beneath your dignity, just like commenting on the singer snatching a mike and a music sales reward away from another singer was beneath your dignity, etc.

Leave this crap to the bloggers, folks.  We’re good at it, and even better, Fox doesn’t get any jollies out of it at all.  It might not hurt, however, if the FCC finally took notice of Fox’s anti-government activities.  Just a giant hint, you know.


No reason is as good as a good one

Gee, I bet they’d never say anything like this about birth-control pills: