Not the News

Happened across this on Yahoo’s home page today.  The headline reads “7 stories Obama doesn’t want told” and details some stuff that Politico deems “serious threats to Obama.”

I read the article.  Now you can read it too.  And after you do, tell me — does any of that sound serious, or does it just sound more like some rehashed old shit that someone wants to make sound serious to further whatever agenda they have?

I agree, it doesn’t sound serious.  And none of it is shit we haven’t heard before.  So why make it a headline?  Or if you have to, why not also take your headlines from Newsmax, which is about equally as unbiased as Politico?

Listen, these people are in the business of trying to create news that they think will help their cause, whatever it is.  I pay as much attention to what they say as I would a far left-wing rag, and for the same reason: it’s all crap that has nothing to do with me or anyone else outside of whatever little movement it is that’s running the website.

It’s a bit distressing that Yahoo has chosen this type of “news” outlet for a headline on its home page, and I’ll be watching closely to see if they do it again in the future.  Enough of this crap, and I’ll never go back.

Seems like I’ve been handing a lot of these out lately but this one is really richly deserved: to Yahoo I give the Stupid of the Day Award.  Take a bow, closet wingnuts!

What Has Happened to Us?

Here is a video of former President Dwight Eisenhower’s reaction to the assassination of John Kennedy. 

As I watched this video I was suddenly afflicted with a deep sadness that very little of what Eisenhower says of the U.S. in the early 1960’s would apply today.  This has nothing to do with the deep conservatism of the era — in fact, Kennedy, who was actually quite conservative himself, was at the time considered fresh and liberal as opposed to his staid and stodgy predecessor Eisenhower.  No, it has more to do with the unchecked commercialization that has cheapened our culture.  Everyone has something to gain financially from selling out everyone else, and corrosive divisiveness has developed as a result. 

In fact, we are now so divided that the murder of a President of either party nowadays would bring wild joy to at least some in the opposition.  (And I have to add here that vituperatively opposed as I am to what is going on in the Republican party, the killing of a Republican would not make me happy.)

This is not quite new, but it is recent.  I recall hearing reports in 1981, after Ronald Reagan was shot, that schoolkids were laughing and saying, “cool!”  And I remember it was not that way in 1963.  I had been pulled out of school that day to go to the airport to see some relatives off; they were moving to another state.  We heard about the assassination while in the airport.  A modishly dressed young woman came staggering up to my parents, crying that Kennedy had been shot.  After that, we were all staggered and haunted for weeks, months, and years.  I always remember this in stark contrast to the schoolkids’ reactions to the Reagan attack.  But it wasn’t the kids’ fault, it was the era they were being raised in.

Yes humans are animals, but we have the ability to rise above base behavior.  Or rather, we once had.  Note, in spite of occasional verbal stumbling, Eisenhower’s measured tones and his obvious knowledge of history…and his offer to help if needed.  Can you imagine what would happen if a former President offered to step in and help in such a crisis today?  Every verbal misstep would be magnified and dissected, and ultimately the shouts of dismay from the opposition would drown him out.  “The American people don’t want you!!!”  “Who do you think you ARE!”  “He’s a Nazi dictator!”  And other such garbage.  It would only be worse if the ex-President stepped in with gentle, authoritative, soothing tones and an obvious knowledge of history.  I mean, crap — he’s EDUCATED.  No good!

No, I’m afraid the ones who would get the attention in such a situation now would be the wingnut(s) saying the most outrageously nasty things about the deceased to the sound of hysterical applause and even laughter.

This is one Thanksgiving where there is not much to give thanks for, but much to mourn.  Eisenhower is not merely spinning pretty words here; a lot of what he says on this video was true of the U.S. that I grew up in.  Yes, we hated each other’s politics in the old days.   And as Eisenhower points out in the video, it was often as ugly, at least on the surface, as it is now;  the caustic Truman/Eisenhower-era “anti-Communist” campaign of the sodden Wisconsin senator Joe McCarthy comes to mind (any of this sound familiar?).  McCarthy was a drunk who apparently was seeing pinkos instead of pink elephants.  He wasted lots of time and money on various investigations of this and that, and largely came up with nothing.  But he did manage to destroy lives along the way.

As an aside, who knows why the frankly insane Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is now trying to emulate him, except for the fact that she’s…well…nuts.  It will be a measure of how far we’ve come — if we have at all — to watch her success or failure.

Whatever the circumstances of the present, there was a bond between us all that was broken on November 22, 1963 and remains broken to this day.  Watch the video and weep. 

And now back to my irregularly scheduled blogging…

A Right-Wing Energy Crisis

Honestly, I’m starting to wonder how long it will be before the rage-fuel runs out.  Why?  Because that’s what the wingnuts are running on — rage.  And rage, particularly rage for no reason, burns up a lot of energy.  In humans, energy requires fuel. 

Unfortunately for the rest of us, up until now many right-wingers would accept any bullshit at all as fuel as long as the right person fed it to them.  That they are still doing so is evidenced by at least one video of Sarah Palin’s followers trying to elucidate:

(1) why they love her so much, and

(2) how Obama is harming the country, and

(3) Palin’s answers for all the problems Obama is causing.

To make a long, painful story short, these people had no idea and no answers; they were as clueless as the attendees at any tea-party party.  To them She Who Has Done Nothing (Wrong) is their protector, their voice, their mother, their sister, their spouse, a potential girlfriend, a goddess, or maybe just the latest pin-up girl.  Pin-up girls never last, so I suspect it’s mostly that.

And of course they blamed the questioners for ambushing them.  More anger.  Great.  (I will not post a link to the Palin-lovers video here because frankly, it was so cringe-worthy I could barely watch it.)

I suspect true rage addicts are a distinct minority, just as terrorists and their sympathizers are in any society.  The rest of us (possibly including most of the right wing) can only take rage in little dribs and drabs without instantly developing blood pressure problems.  But that offers little consolation because the hard-core Palinbots are these days being awarded a far louder voice than their numbers would normally require.

Another observation: remember when I said my landlord was constantly walking around with a large radio on him, blasting the Rush Limbaugh radio show?  He’s in the building today, and there’s no radio.  In fact, there hasn’t been in the last few weekdays.  That may say something, and I hope it’s more than just that the radio is broken.  Could it be that even Rush (or one of his substitutes, as he’s likely taken the week off and is well into his first Thanksgiving turkey of the day by now) gets to be tedious after a while if one is not a true rage addict? 

For me the Fat Man gets to be tedious within 30 seconds, but I’m talking about those who actually listen to hours upon hours of this crap day after day.  Is there a point where it gets to be too much for some of them and they have to switch the dial to easy-listening music?   And is the number of dial-switchers growing?  And what happens if the peripheral crowd drops away from the rage thing?  You’ve got it — a wingnut energy crisis.

The vast majority of us have already switched the dial, or were never listening to start with.  What I’m really wondering is if a large portion the vast minority of rage addicts who have been supporting these wingnut champions are now sick of it and ready for something new.  You know, like sanity and common sense.

Like I said, I’m seeing mere glimmers of hope.  At least there is hope, and maybe as the years go by and Obama continues to do none of those nasty things the wingnut lords are claiming he’s doing, more eyes will open.

Keep your fingers crossed with me, will you?

And in closing, here’s a special-edition Stupid of the Day Award for anyone who admires Sarah Palin.  Take a bow, Stupid!

The real threat of 2012

It isn’t what you think.  It’s this.  (Update: the link no longer leads anywhere.  Sorry ’bout that; just found out that this video has been removed due to a copyright claim by NBC — anyway it was a very funny video about a Palin/Beck ticket winning the Presidency in 2012, and the apocalypse that would ensue.)

And for a great analysis of what Palin actually is and represents, read this.    (Link still okay as of 1/7/10)

Excellent as this article is, though, I don’t totally agree with Chopra that Palin is a has-been and we’ve nothing to fear from her except fearing her.  She isn’t a has-been because the media don’t want her to be.  Perhaps this is because the media really do want this country to crash and burn (what a great story!), and Palin represents the best hope for that.  Then again, so did Bush, and somehow we just about survived 8 years of him.  Sorta, anyway.

Out there in the real world, it’s probably true that Palin will never even come close to the Oval Office.  But in cyber-land and media city, well, it’s another story.  They’re trying very, very hard to create a horrifying reality.

The events of the next few years will tell us who’s in control.  Is it us — the majority of people who want nothing to do with her — or a bunch of media thugs aiming to chase an ambulance with all of the U.S. in it?  Stay tuned.  And don’t take Palin off your radar just yet.

North to Alaska

As everyone knows, the U.S. has been holding Al Qaeda and other terrorist types in a prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for quite some time now.

I wish to pause here and point out that Obama did not start this problem; Bush did.  But Obama is stuck with it.  Why?  Because the Bush administration had these nutflakes arrested, but had no idea what to do with them once they had been arrested, tortured, and interrogated.  Yes, there was some talk of military tribunals, but that was pretty iffy in terms of legality —  and so the problem was left for the next administration to figure out.

While the goon squad was in Cuba, they were no threat to the rest of us here in the U.S., and few were concerned.  But now for some reason they may be relocated to northwest Illinois.

Northwest Illinois is a tourist/agricultural area.  It is outstandingly beautiful — hilly and pastoral; miles upon miles of peace, and the Mississippi River to boot.  It contains some of the most expensive real estate and even has the closest thing to a mountain that exists in Illinois.

And they want to sully it with this goon squad of former human beings who have been so brainwashed that their only purpose is to keep taking up space and sucking up air so they can to kill someone else.  I have to also mention that religion plays a strong part in this, since apparently these are all religiously brainwashed nutcases.

The fact is, nobody wants these idiots, and we sure don’t want them here because we’ll only turn into a target for more idiots.  What idiots?  The idiots among us — our own “all American” Christian idiots, as well as (possibly) the idiots running around loose all over the world, no matter what their religion.  Overall it’s a ghastly idea.  But I have a solution.  Read on.

Russia used to have a great natural prison for its own unwanted.  In fact, long before my parents were born, two of my great-uncles apparently ended up there after fighting on the wrong side during the Bolshevik Revolution and were never heard from again. 

The place is called Siberia.

We have something similar to it in the U.S.  It’s called Alaska.  That’s where Sarah Palin lives when she’s not out taking cheap shots at the teenage father of her grandchild while on her “book tour.”  (Gee, Sarah, if you’re praying for Levi, you must be taking out masses for Carrie…oh, wait…you’re not a Catholic, but you are a religious fanatic.)

All things considered,  I think the vast, frigid, isolated, relatively unpopulated far northern region of Alaska is probably the best place for this bunch.  What with ol’ Sarah and her hyper-religious cronies in the same state — that is, if she still has any cronies after everyone gets through reading that book of hers — they ought to feel right at home.  And all this sort in Alaska should welcome them; after all, ultimately they are a gift from their hero, George Bush.  All anyone needs to do is change “Jesus” to “Mohammed” and the goon squad will think they’re back in the Middle East during an extreme cold snap.

Whatduyuh think, Obama?  *wink*

Requisite post about Palin’s book


And I’d leave it at that, except that I must add two things, one being that  between some blogs, (most of them from Alaska), the AP and the Huffington Post, I feel like I’ve probably already read the whole damn book. 

J.K. Rowling came to mind immediately.  Why?  Because the Harry Potter books were so well-guarded before release that a postal worker almost lost her job for delivering one a day early.  Granted, a lot of what was being protected were the same things that are protected under copyright for anyone and anything, and that includes Palin’s book.  Nonetheless, the event was ham-fisted and made Rowling and her publisher look bad.  Rowling, a multimillionaire, very properly apologized for beating up on a postal worker earning a middle-class wage doing an almost literally back-breaking job.  You see, at least Rowling took responsibility for it.  Palin, as her book demonstrates, takes responsibility for nothing, and perhaps not surprisingly, apparently gives God culpability for everything she does.  (I wrote about this sort of thing a few days ago.)

This is a roundabout way of saying that I’m sure the leaks will be blamed on someone else and that will be the end of it as far as Palin is concerned.  All Sarah was to do was take the advance, write a bunch of gibberish, and dance away on a book tour.  Oh well.

The other thing I have to say is that (somewhat alarmingly), it has been pointed out that nowadays, almost every potential Presidential candidate must write a book at some point — often long before the actual campaign begins.  If this book is Palin’s attempt at elucidating governmental concepts and making apt political commentary, as well as offering innovative and decisive solutions…

…well, all I can say is that she has just proven she isn’t up to the job. 

From what I can tell, the book is about whining — Palin’s whining — and that’s it.  From the pages I’ve read, it sounds like everything is everybody else’s fault (read the paragraph about leaks in this blog entry); the only blameless people in the U.S., according to Palin, seem to be herself, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Michelle Bachmann, and probably Miss BoobJob Carrie Prejean as well.

This sort of reasoning may work well in the National Enquirer, but it does not work very well for an actual President of the United States.  Whatever happened to “the buck stops here?”  One imagines that if Palin ever quoted this, she’d do it while pointing to a place somewhere beyond herself.  Bush did that for 8 years, so it’s not out of the question.  

That’s not adequate.  We need someone in the Presidency who can handle affairs quite beyond any raised while reading a scandal-rag over your morning coffee.  We need someone who does not know how to point fingers at anyone but herself.

Sarah Palin has just proven beyond a doubt she is not that person.  And if there were any justice in the world, any further political ambitions she may harbor should end with the official release of this book.  Alas, as we have seen with Carrie Prejean, nothing seems to hurt a Christian bitch (or bastard) sufficiently to stop even the most extreme things from happening.  So nothing can be ruled out.

But at least we have the book.  And if the worst happens, we can take the responsibility of pointing out that we told you so.

No big surprise

Carrie Prejean doesn’t get her way, so she has a fit.  See it here on Larry King Live.

Is anyone surprised?

I was determined never to mention her name again.  In fact, I don’t think I ever have, but I’ll have to check the archives.  Certainly I wrote about her.  Once.  But I never mentioned her name that I remember.

Why am I fussing about this?  Because this time I HAVE to mention her name.  And I just wanted her to go away.

It’s clear she’s joined the Christian Bitch Society.  I knew that already; she just confirmed it by admitting that she idolizes Sarah Palin.  That’s beside the point.

The point is that we have a supposedly virginally innocent Christian girl here who has had a boob job, posed semi-nude, masturbated on camera, generally bears an unsettling resemblance to a porn queen, yet still has the nerve to tell Larry King he’s being “inappropriate” for doing what he does for a living — asking a question.  Never mind.  She’s “under attack,” don’t you know, and so is her idol Sarah Palin.  Prejean and Palin can do whatever they want in response because they’re Christians, but the rest of us had damned well better behave and talk about ONLY what they want us to talk about!  Or else…Carrie will take her mike off and threaten to leave the studio!!!!

Never mind that the whole reason she was there in the first place was to answer questions, some of which were going to be uncomfortable because of her own past behavior.

If I were she I’d watch those long words like “inappropriate.”  It’s clear that she doesn’t quite understand them.  But, no matter.  I’m sure there’s a reporter/anchor post waiting for her at Fox News.  She’s just their type.

And oh yes — this is unprecendented, but totally appropriate: I’m awarding the Stupid of the Day Award for at least the third time this week.  Take a bow, BoobJob!