After all that fuss

Read this first, and then tell me if the public option as a possibly overwhelming competitor for private health insurers was not yet another insurance-industry scare tactic.   I’d say it was. 

I’m not much for studies and surveys, but I believe this one because I saw it coming.  The truth is that although the government is going to be competing with the private sector, the private sector won’t see much in the way of competition.  The government is going to take over insurance for those individuals the private insurers don’t want.  And that includes a lot of us — but not enough to put the private insurers out of business.  (You see, if we health-insurance rejects were to put the industry out of business, we’d have done it already.)

They can go on discriminating and being unethical to their (lack of) hearts’ desire.  In fact, they can get worse if they want (and it will be interesting to see them try). Those who want nothing to do with them, won’t have to have anything to do with them.  Those whom the insurers have rejected will have, for the first time, another option.  Those will be the only differences.

And that’s fine with me.

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