Be very afraid

Read this link showing teabaggers’ signs about “competnse” (whatever this is, it was applied to Obama), “amnety” (or “better yet, “amensty”), and the best of all, “Respect Are-Country Speak English.” 

While you’re at it, don’t overlook the sign thanking Fox News for “keeping us infromed,” which may have been more accurate than its creator intended.  And you’ll find the height of irony in the sign that reads, “get a brain! morans.”

I ask these people to respect OUR country and go away.  Barring that, however (because I know it’s impossible for people who think the world is flat to go very far away), I do have one more related item: according to Immoral Minority, a blog I follow faithfully, Trig Palin is NOT Sarah Palin’s grandson.  So that puts that to rest.

However you must know, being that it’s this blog and it reflects my attitude towards Wingnut Barbie (and if you’ve been here before, you know what that is), there IS a “but” involved.

Here’s the “but”: Trig is not Sarah’s grandson…but he is apparently not her biological son, either.

And here’s the frustrating part: I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails out of the post on Immoral Minority about this subject; unless I misread it, it seemed to say that daughter Bristol had something to do with all this, but I can’t imagine what.  So I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

That’s my soap-opera episode for the day.  And so you ask, why am I going into all this shit?  Reason: the wingnuts who create those gloriously wacky signs are the many of same people who adore Sarah Palin, and this sort of news tells me everything one needs to know about Sarah Palin.  In other words, to paraphrase the Jonathan Edwards song “Sunshine (Go Away Today),” “she can’t even run her own life; I’ll be damned if she’ll run mine.”  This is, after all, what the Dominionists and their unwitting allies the wingnuts want — to run our lives.

Run our lives?  Hell, they can’t even spell!  But worse than that, they identify with and wholeheartedly believe in a woman whose personal life is a mess and whose professional life is an international joke.  The only excuse I can think of for this (rather touching, in a way) extreme loyalty is this: she’s as big a loser as they are.  Worse, their fondest wish is for this loser to get real power to legislate “morality.”

Yes, you should be afraid.  And no, I’m not kidding — because they aren’t, either.

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