This is just too good: Shannyn Moore

Read this link.  There’s no use in trying to better what Moore says here, because there’s no way to do it.

I do have something to add in my own words, however: much as some people would like to think that yesterday’s election results are some kind of referendum indicating disapproval of Obama that rivals that of Bush, the fact is that governors govern locally, and the election of a governor seldom has anything to do with what’s going on nationally. 

In fact, if an election had been held in solidly-Democratic Illinois yesterday, I can bet you that any Republican running for governor may have had a fair chance, as long as he wasn’t wildly wingnut.  Why?  Because we hate Obama so much?

No.  It’s because we hated Blagojevich so much.  And we elected Blags because we hated his (Republican) predecessor so much.  In fact, solidly-Democratic Illinois is only that way in regard to certain national offices and certain local ones (mostly in Chicago).  We have had Republican governors much of the time for ages now.  One of them held  office for 14 years.

I have no doubt there were local issues that affected the races in New Jersey and Virginia.  It was not Sarah Palin’s “help,” (if it had been, then a certain Mr. Hoffman would be headed off to Congress right now), and if it was a referendum on Obama’s young presidency, then it was a poor choice of a referendum.

I have problems with blind loyalty to any leader, but in this case, the opposite has become the norm; the media are searching for problems for Obama everywhere.  Enough, already.  This one didn’t count.

If you still insist that it did count, answer me this one: if yesterday’s results were a referendum on Obama, then were they not a referendum on Palin as well?

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