Apparently God Lied

I guess Pat Robertson, who I thought died years ago, has sprung to life and is recommending something akin to this: U.S. Muslims should be placed in concentration camps.

Not surprisingly, he says nothing about Evangelicals.

I’ll leave alone the fact that eventually — and usually much more quickly than you think — the oppressed always, always, end up having power over their oppressors.  I don’t have enough energy to go that far with my writing today.

Anyway, whenever I think of Robinson I can only think of that long-ago Time magazine article (I think it was Time), when Robertson was running for President.  For some reason, if I remember correctly, they had placed Robertson on the cover and were treating him with utter seriousness.  In the article he was saying something about how he had prayed and prayed about this and felt that it was God’s will for him to be President.

Well then God must have lied, as God often does in cases like this.  How can a deity be so mean?  Well, I’ll explain it this way: my stock answer to the supposedly hyper-religious who lay the blame for their own actions at God’s feet (or even at the gods’ feet, as in the case of some hard-praying, spell-casting Pagans I’ve met), is one I actually heard from someone else years ago.  It remains oh, so true — whenever someone said they’d “leave it up to God,” this person smiled indulgently and answered, “Sure.  Call me back when you make up your mind.”

The responsibility of having made up one’s own mind is one routinely abdicated by the supposedly devoutly religious, no matter what religion they may be.  Christians are as guilty of it as are Muslims.  All of them leave it at God’s feet, even though they are the ones actually in control.  Maybe the notion of being in control, rather than being controlled, is frightening for them, or maybe they think if they throw the weight of “God told me” behind it, they can excuse any kind of behavior at all.  Whatever the excuse, they use it — and use it often.

Because of this mindset, fairly large groups of Christians are now threatening to do as much damage to this country as any Muslim has done.  These are the Dominionists, the right-wingers, the Evangelicals, and I shouldn’t leave out the Catholics, even though most of the damage in that corner is from the church leaders and not the parishioners (most of whom are there — if they are there at all — out of habit more than obedience).

Whatever you call them, they are wrong and they are secure in being wrong because they’ve laid it at God’s feet.  And they are just as dangerous as any blinkered Muslim or angry Jew or frightened Pagan or goodness knows what else.

All I can say is, poor God.  This has nothing to do with him/her/them, and look who’s getting all the blame.  Some things in life just ain’t fair, and this sure as hell is one of them.

P.S. It just occured to me that somebody in this post has earned the Stupid of the Day Award.  I suppose it’s Robertson, but I’ll be generous and give it to anyone who has ever laid the blame for their own actions on any God.  Take a bow, nutflakes!


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